Republicans come after your birth control


United Rural Democrats Action Alert

United Rural Democrats (URD) leads the Democratic Party’s rebuilding effort in rural America. If we want to take back our country, we need a 50-state strategy to organize ourselves in every community across the country.

In another discriminatory and unfair move, Republicans in elected office across the country are set to ban contraception from millions of Americans.

The GOP is threatening access to reproductive health, and you can be sure it’s not the end of the road. Soon they’ll be targeting anything – voting rights, same-sex marriage, LGBTQ+ rights, and more.

Here are some of the Republican representatives who have threatened to cut access to reproductive care.

  • Alabama Governor Kay Ivey – voiced support for a law that would ban abortions after six weeks.
  • Alaska State Representative Chris Kurka – introduced legislation that could make abortion a crime.
  • Louisiana State Representative Danny McCormick – introduced legislation that classifies abortion as homicide.
  • Brent Crane, Idaho State Representative – said he would be open to holding hearings on bills banning emergency contraception.
  • Missouri State Representative Mary Elizabeth Coleman — introduced legislation that would allow private citizens to sue anyone who helps a Missouri resident get an out-of-state abortion.

The list is lengthened increasingly.

Republicans are preparing to ban reproductive care in states across the country. And the representatives of rural areas particularly insisted on the restriction of women’s rights.

We need to make sure people know there is another option and that electing the Democrats will bring about change. We can build a Democratic wave across the country in November, but we can’t do it alone. Are you with us?We cannot sit idly by while Republicans deprive rural Americans of reproductive health care.

Mentions of URD candidates:


Governor: Deirdre DeJear >

Attorney General: Tom Miller>

Secretary of State: Eric Van Lancker >

State Auditor: Rob Sable >

US Senate: Abby Finkenauer>

United States House, District 01: Christine Bohannon >

United States House, District 02: Liz Mathis>

United States House, District 03: Cindy Axene >

United States House, District 04: Ryan Melton>

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