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Enough is enough!

President Joe Biden blasted leaked ‘radical’ draft Supreme Court opinion that would throw landmark Roe vs. Wade decision on abortion rights that has lasted half a century and warned that other rights, including same-sex marriage and birth control, are under threat. And Joe Biden continues to receive Holy Communion? I believe the bishops should start showing courage and excommunicate the man. If not now when?

jack wolock

Worthington, Ohio

Gratitude for Marriage

Regarding “Valentine’s Day Catholic Love Connection: 15 Quotes About the Beauty of Marriage” (, February 11):

Most, if not all, of the quotes in your article on marriage were about holy matrimony. This distinction is more than a case of my semantic quibble. God, wanting to be sacramentally invited to a union of man and woman, during my 45 years of gratitude for it, brought my husband and I through many darker years.

To begin with, Saint Paul says: “It is better not to marry, for you will suffer affliction, and I would like to spare you that” (1 Corinthians 7:28). For young people, as Mother Angelica so honestly said of loving our enemies, “People don’t want to hear that.” But Jesus is clear: “Everyone’s enemies will be those of his house” (Matthew 10:36). And yet, for our hope, Matthew 10:39 continues: “Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.

So we are not destined to get married in heaven. We each have our own mansion. We may be happy to depend on another throughout our life in this world, but heaven is something much freer. No one is tied to anyone else.

A long marriage gives a person a more mature attitude that rejects codependency in favor of the fullness of truth. Humorously, as the cowboy ballad puts it: “I have spurs that tinkle, tinkle, tinkle. As I walk happily. And they say, ‘Oh, isn’t it ‘glad you’re single?’ And this song is not that far from wrong.

Marriage sacrifices individual independence for the collective good. It is a test, and holy matrimony is God’s answer key.

Young single people often need to hear about the importance of the holy sacrament of marriage. Otherwise, without this sacramental help, marital woes can easily overwhelm human capacities. The hand of God in everything will often only become clear to us in hindsight. Thank you, Most Holy Trinity. You fulfilled needs that I didn’t even know I had at the time. God be praised.

Joan T. Murtaugh

Hills of Palos, Illinois

Learn Catholic History

Regarding Joseph Pronechen’s story “Incense: Heavenly Perfume for Worship” (April 24, “Journey, History and Saints”): I’ve been a lifelong Catholic and have always wondered about incense, and I I never knew. I asked people 10 years older than me, and they didn’t know. I read the story three times this morning. It’s fantastic! I’m so excited to share this at Mass! Joseph Pronechen deserves a commendation for the article.

Regarding the register: I love reading it! Well thought out and informative.

Phone call from John in Colorado


About “‘She Completely Changed the Dialogue’ on Abortion: Remembering Project Founder Rachel”: Vicki Thorn became a mentor to Jamie Rathjen, who established the Cedar Valley Guiding Star Health Center in Waterloo , Iowa. The May 8 issue incorrectly listed the center’s name and location. The Registry regrets the error.

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