Right-wing blog, GOP politicians rail against UVA Transgender Youth Health Program


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The right-wing blogosphere and a host of Republican politicians are raising the temperature UVA Children’s Hospital Transgender Youth Health Programapparently for lack of many other interesting things to do.

A report last week in the daily call created the latest fake controversy, playing up the usual far-right tropes on the transgender front, painting a picture of free puberty blockers for little kids and double mastectomies for teens marketed like pizza, beer and trucks the Sunday NFL Game of the Week.

The truth, unsurprisingly, is not that.

Entry into the UVA Children’s Hospital program requires a diagnosis of gender dysphoria, defined by the Mayo Clinic as “the feeling of discomfort or distress that may arise in people whose gender identity differs from the sex they were assigned at birth or physical characteristics linked to sex”.

According to a report released in June by the Williams Institute at UCLA Law School, an estimated 300,000 American teens, or about 1.4% of the teenage population, identify as transgender.

Anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation are unfortunately common among transgender youth and adults, for reasons you can totally understand if you have even a basic understanding of how mean people can be to anyone. is the least bit different.

You won’t read any of this in the daily callwhich drew the usual hateful comments from Republican politicians who, unsurprisingly, don’t care about trying to understand the world they live in.

“The governor is disappointed with the services provided to children by the UVA health system and the blatant marketing thereof,” said Macaulay Porter, spokesman for Governor Glenn Youngkin, who released a rewrite last month. “model policies” for the treatment of transgender students it would nullify equal protections enacted under former Governor Ralph Northam last year.

“Blatant marketing”, seriously.

It’s so “grossly” marketed that a video quoted in the daily call The story as particularly outrageous dates back to 2014, and now is where it’s garnering attention.

“Encouraging and providing irreversible medical procedures to minors raises serious concerns that require immediate action to protect children across the Commonwealth,” said Sixth District Congressman Ben Cline, who seems to think gender dysphoria is reversible.

“Science confirms that God created only two sexes, and He makes no mistake. When children express confusion about their sex or gender, they need adults to speak the truth and help them realize that they were perfectly created,” said Fifth District Republican Congressman Bob Good.

It’s just as easy to argue that science now confirms that there aren’t “just” two sexes, and that this “God” makes no mistakes – and that those of us who think that created “only” two sexes are those who need to be told the truth.

“These reports are deeply disturbing. I think performing irreversible procedures like this on minors crosses the line. As an institution associated with the Commonwealth of Virginia, the Commonwealth should investigate these practices,” said Ninth District Republican Congressman Morgan Griffith.

“I have serious and serious concerns about reports of these procedures being performed on children as young as 11 years old; which would require immediate oversight to protect Virginia youth and families,” said First District Republican Rob Wittman.

These two types in one: consult a medical journal.

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