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Former employees of the local Ottawa Hills school have been charged with sexually assaulting several teenagers. WTOL 11 offers the latest case updates here.

The trial of Ronald “Donnie” Stevens, a former employee of the local Ottawa Hills School in Toledo, Ohio, began this week. WTOL 11 offers daily updates live from the courtroom.

Stevens was charged in December 2019 Faced with 32 counts of felony, including several counts of rape, sexual assault and sexual assault. The prosecution said the alleged crime occurred between August 2017 and November 2019, involving at least six teenagers. At the time of the alleged act, most were students from Ottawa Hills.

Get the following case information and see what daily briefings from the WTOL11 press team will bring to court each day.

Friday September 17th

The court postponed it to around 11:30 a.m. after only one witness was called. The trial will resume Monday at 8:30 a.m.

Thursday September 16: Multiple alleged victims testify

The trial of Ronald “Donnie” Stevens, a former Ottawa Hills employee charged with multiple child sex crimes, including cases of rape, sexual assault and sexual assault, continued Thursday.

Prosecutors called on several alleged victims of Stevens to share emotional testimony.

All of the suspects were friends of Stevens’ son, who had overslept.

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In their gruesome testimony, each witness explained the story of sexual abuse, particularly in the summer and fall of 2019 – according to the alleged victims, Stevens reiterated before going to bed in the basement. I am in the 8th grade of sexual abuse. Some have described Stevens as a “monster”.

Below are some of the interactions between one of the victims and the prosecutor on Thursday.

“How did you feel when he did this to you?” Asked the prosecutor.

“I’m scared, I didn’t know what to do,” said the victim.

“Did you ever tell him to stop?”

“I didn’t know what was going to happen.

“Are you afraid of what will happen?” “

“Are you afraid that no one will believe you?” “

In their testimony, the alleged victims said their relationship with Stevens did not start out as abusive. They portrayed Stevens as his father. Take them to a sporting event, exercise with them, and be the ones they trust.

They later said Stevens began to take advantage of and abuse this trust.

“Before the baseball game, he was my baseball coach. He laid me down. I thought it was weird, but I did. And I went to bed, I think he put his hand on my leg when he came in, and it’s like moving his hand slowly and massaging me. “

Additionally, in their testimony, several teens claimed Stevens forced nude photos of them via Snapchat. When police recovered her phone on Thursday and looked at Stevens’ deleted search history, one of her searches included “Can Snapchat restore old files with a warrant?” The sentence is included.

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Meanwhile, the defense has focused on proving that these incidents took place at Stevens ‘home while Stevens’ wife and children were at home, but the incidents were seen by all family members. I could not.

The day before, the second day the witnesses testified, four other people stood up.

At first he was a former girlfriend of one of the victims. She said Stevens was actually the victim’s father, still checking him out and wondering where he was.

“Sometimes we want Donnie to stop by his place after spending time, meeting him or going out in the car,” said a former girlfriend.

Witnesses continued to remember the victim returning home after being hospitalized for some time. She said that whenever Stevens started a conversation he behaved strangely, not himself.

“He kept hinting that he had something to say about where this was involved, and a few weeks later he made me sit down, which is why Donnie did it, and he been sexually assaulted. He informed me by a note that he was doing it, ”she said.

A second witness from the Ohio Criminal Investigation Department said he was a lab worker who examined DNA samples from evidence of the incident.

A third witness, director of technology and operations at the local Ottawa Hills school, spoke about Stevens’ blackout film on his office window.

Employees were asked, “If teachers and managers come by and something illegal happens, can we see it?” “No, no one can see it,” he confirmed.

A fourth witness, an investigator from the Lucas County District Attorney’s Office, shared video of Stevens meeting the alleged victim at school.

“At 1:30 am he’s talking to someone in the room, then walks east toward someone in the transition corridor,” the investigator said.

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