Ross Mathews reveals his favorite sex position and Twitter is shocked /Queerty

Ross Mathews was trending on Twitter today. The reason? An old clip from when he appeared on Howard Stern’s Sirius radio show a few years ago has gone viral. In it, the host asked him about his sex life.

“I see you as a power bottom,” Stern said.

Mathews laughs.

“Am I right?” Stern asks.

“No,” Mathews replies forcefully.

“You’re not a power bottom?” asks an incredulous Stern.

“Everybody thinks because the voice, the voice, the voice is the most feminine thing…” says Mathews, who has a famously high pitched tone.

“Yeah, that turned me off,” Stern says, before asking him what kind of top Mathews is. “Are you a powerful top? »

Mathews jokes, “I’m not one, come here, gotta give it to you!” before collapsing into more laughter.

Look below.

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Many had never seen the clip before, and some were surprised that Mathews expressed a preference for the trim.

It also led to many comments about equating femininity with hollowness. Let’s face it, there are a lot of super-butch bottoms out there, so it only makes sense that there are women’s tops too.

However, people mostly think Ross is hilarious and adorable.

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