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by Nathaniel R.

sexually charged “Rule 34” wins Locarno

Our favorite film festival correspondent, Elisa Giudici, couldn’t make it to Locarno this year, so we’re here to tell you about the winners! The top prize went to a sexually provocative drama from Brazil called Rule 34 (only the second Brazilian film to win Locarno) while a Costa Rican film titled Tengo Suenos Electricos won three jury prizes.

Will any of the following titles appear as Oscar nominations for International Feature Film? Who can say. A little about each winner after the jump…


GOLDEN LEOPARD Rule 34 (Julia Murat, Brazil) A drama about a law student who works in abuse cases, but her own sexual inclinations lead her to sex cameras and violent erotica.

SPECIAL JURY PRIZE The Adventures of Gigi the Law (Alessandro Comodin, Italy) This magical and realistic film is about a rural traffic policeman and a wave of suicides near the Italian border.

Tengo Suenos Electricos
DIRECTOR Valentina Maurel, Tengo Suenos Electricos (Costa Rica) Involving a controversial family, two sisters and their parents (who live apart), a house renovation and the family cat that pees everywhere.

BEST ACTRESS Daniel Martin Navarro, Tengo Suenos Electricos (Valentina Maurel, Costa Rica)

BEST ACTOR Reinaldo Amien Gutierrez Tengo Suenos Electricos (Valentina Maurel, Costa Rica)

This section is dedicated to emerging filmmakers, so they range from first to third feature films.

Night siren

GOLDEN LEOPARD Night siren (Tereza Nvotova, Slovakia) A woman is accused of witchcraft in the remote mountain village where she grew up years earlier.

How is Kathy?
SPECIAL JURY PRIZE How is Kathy? (Christina Tynkevych, Ukraine) A drama about a single mother in a moral crisis

EMERGING DIRECTOR Juraj Lerotic, safe place (Croatia) Taking place over a single day, it is about a suicidal man and his family

SPECIAL MENTION Franciska Eliassen, Sister, what grows where the earth is sick? (Norway) A young girl begins to read her older sister’s diary in the hope of understanding her better and discovers a stranger universe than expected. The Norwegian title is extremely different even though it is very vague. This translates to “That past spring”

PARDO, BEST ACTRESS Anastasia Karpenko, How is Kathy? (Christina Tynkevych, Ukraine)

PARDO, BEST ACTOR Goran Markovic, safe place


FIRST FEATURE Juraj Lerotic, safe place (Croatia)

Bianca Lucas, love dog (Poland/Mexico) A man returns home to Mississippi after avoiding mourning his deceased girlfriend.

De Noche Los Gatos Son Pardos

Valentin Mertz, De Noche Los Gatos Son Pardos (Swiss)
The director of a costume drama disappears. While the police investigate her lover, the cinematographer continues to shoot the film. The director says “These are the great engines of my life: cinema, love, sex and death.”

“Films that best address topics related to sustainability, ecology and inter-species relationships”

WINNER Nikolaus Geyrhalter, Displaced material (Austria)
A documentary that observes “the Sisyphean work of garbage collectors and waste managers around the world.”

Ana Vaz, It’s dark in America
(Brazil) Described as a wildlife eco-horror, this avant-garde documentary asks”are animals invading our cities or are we occupying their habitat?

Hilal Baydarov, fish sermon (Azerbaijan) A drama about a soldier who returns to his village to find that all but one, his sister, have died of an illness and decomposed.

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