Safer Streets Fund will focus on Avenham and New Hall Lane

A map showing the areas covered by the government’s Safer Streets Fund

Preston City Council has published a report calling for acceptance of the Home Office’s Safer Streets Fund grant, which will help prevent crime and disorder, drug abuse, recidivism and serious violence in the town.


The goals of the project are to reduce anti-social behavior, provide safer streets for all, prevent crimes under the category of violence against women and girls (VAWG), and ensure safety inside and outside authorized premises.

A full delivery of the funded work program will be in place in October 2022 and will continue until the end of September 2023.

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The £146,568 funding will provide three new CCTV cameras in the town centre, improve the facilities available for sexual abuse recovery services at Base 18 New Hall Lane, diversionary activities, engagement and education young people.

In addition to two part-time street monitors to focus on anti-social behavior, vulnerability training in the night economy sector and the wider community, and an additional taxi steward to help people get home home safely after a night out.

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The funding will improve the facilities available for sexual violence recovery services at Base 18 New Hall Lane Pic: Google Maps
The funding will improve the facilities available for sexual violence recovery services at Base 18 New Hall Lane Pic: Google Maps

The facility upgrade at Base 18 New Hall Lane will include improvements to the structure and fabric of the building which is owned by Preston City Council and leased to the Foxton Centre.

Base 18 is a building and a project that started at the youth community center in 2012.

A spokesperson on the National Lottery Community Fund website said the Base 18 project aims to help women: ‘This continuation and expansion of an existing project aims to reduce levels of street sex work in Preston by addressing the range of complex reasons why women engage in street sex work while tackling the issues that keep women trapped in this lifestyle.

The Service User Impact Statement said: “This funding will help the Council help service users reduce their vulnerability to harm and access support when they need it most.”

The Council also wants an approved and fully funded addition to the capital program of £97,490.

A meeting will be held on Wednesday September 21 to discuss the approval of funding budgets.

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