Science Confirms 4 Changes in Women After Being a Mother


TEMPO.CO, JakartaBeing a mother is not always synonymous with joy. Sometimes it is a cry of physical and mental pain. Many studies show that women undergo significant changes after childbirth.

City of India timehere are four changes in women when they enter parenthood:

  1. Changes in the brain

According to a research report published in Scientific American, the maternal brain changes several times. “Virtually all female mammals, from rats to monkeys to humans, undergo fundamental behavioral changes during pregnancy and motherhood,” the report states.

It has been found that the dramatic hormonal fluctuations that occur during pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding can reshape the female brain. They increase the size of neurons in some areas and produce structural changes in others.

  1. Physical changes

Hormonal fluctuations, carrying a baby, and lactation trigger physical changes in women. During breastfeeding, a woman’s bones lose minerals that make her more susceptible to weakness and infection. Although things return to normal after the child is weaned, it affects the functioning of the kidneys and other major organs due to fluctuating calcium levels in the body.

  1. Social changes

Society keeps waiting for a mother’s high. Women are always expected to prepare a child, a family and themselves.

  1. Nervous breakdown

Studies show that every mother experiences a nervous breakdown, although some do not feel it because they are buried under the pressures of society.

Things have indeed changed after motherhood. Social conditioning and physical and mental changes lead to great changes in the mother that seemingly go unnoticed and barely talked about.


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