Selena Gomez’s Nana exposes the pop star’s love life in TikTok

Let Selena Gomez’s chick expose the singer in such a hilarious way.

The “Lose You To Love Me” singer took to TikTok on July 21, which is when she shared a candid blooper and interaction between her and her girlfriend.

The clip shows Gomez doing a makeup tutorial using products from her incredibly popular Rare Beauty products. However, while filming the music video, things took a hilarious turn.

The video, which has since been posted to Rare Beauty’s TikTok account, shows Gomez starring in the camera as she applies her lip liner. That’s when an off-camera voice can be heard saying, “So how did you end up with this guy?”

Halfway through applying the lip liner, Gomez stops dead in her tracks. Careful not to say too much on camera, she responds with a simple “Uh, I’ll tell you in a second.”

As she tries to continue filming the video, she eventually breaks down and bursts out laughing inventively at the interaction. She captioned the moment between the two of them “Thank you, Nana.”

The same clip was also posted to his personal TikTok account and shared with the caption, “I have no words.”

Gomez may not have had much to say about the incident, but that hasn’t stopped fans from speaking out.

One user wrote, “girl with the AME.” Meanwhile, another user added: “WE ALL WANT TO KNOW”.

It is currently unknown who exactly his grandmother was talking about. Some must have speculated that it could be some of his most high-profile relationships with Justin Bieber or even fellow Canadian The Weeknd. However, some even went on to say that it could possibly be someone new all together.

It should be noted that in May, Gomez shared that she was indeed single.

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