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Mr. David Huston lives and works in the Washington DC metropolitan area. He is a husband and father of four and has previously written for poetry, international affairs, and LDS-related publications.

“Dad, can I ask you a question about the priesthood? my daughter asked on a recent Saturday afternoon.

“Sure… let’s listen to him,” I encouraged him.

“In our church, we believe that when women are set apart to serve a calling, they fulfill that calling by using the priesthood. Is it correct?”

I asserted that she was right. “Yes, that’s what elder oaks explained in 2014. He said that when women act in any calling, they are exercising priesthood authority in performing the duties associated with that calling.

My daughter nodded at my response (I guess she knew she was right) and continued, “So why can’t the bishop just call the young women to be pastors” or “sacrament preparers” and then set them aside to take roll call? I mean, if the church is going to continue to say that the priesthood is necessary to do these things, and if women have access to the priesthood through callings, then by calling young women to those responsibilities and setting them apart , they should have all the priesthood they need… right? She made eye contact with me and waited patiently for a response.

I took a few beats to think about her suggestion (honestly, something I had never considered before, at least not the way she presented it). “You know what?” I said, “That makes sense to me; I don’t know why we couldn’t do that. And with that, my daughter shrugged and walked out of the room.

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