Seven-year fugitive sex offender trapped by drunk driving campaign

A sex offender on the run for seven years has finally been arrested – after being arrested by police carrying out traffic stops as part of a drunk driving and drugging campaign.

The Durham Road Police Unit (part of the Cleveland and Durham Specialized Operations Unit) has taken Twitter Wednesday evening (December 8) in response to negative comments about the traffic police, which some social media users deemed unimportant.

Police said they often received negative comments following the consequences of traffic offenses, such as “What a waste of time and money, did you catch the real criminals?” “

In response, the Unit said: “Despite comments like this, people who drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs commit a crime and put lives at risk.

“Among the ‘real’ criminals arrested in connection with our campaign for alcohol and drugs so far this month was a liquor driver who we discovered also had neither license or insurance.

“Further checks have revealed that he is also a registered sex offender who has been wanted by another force and border force officers for seven years.

“He is now in custody and taken care of. All from a roadside stop.”

The unit continued: “He is one of 11 people arrested so far – 733 other legal drivers from County Durham and Darlington participated and passed with flying colors.

“Believe us, our agents don’t do checks to waste your time.

“Their main purpose is to protect you and other road users, whether it is a drunk driver or a wanted sex offender.

“Thank you to everyone who has helped us protect you so far, we appreciate you!

“To all the other ‘real criminals’ – we won’t stop.”

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