‘Sex Tape’ by Hippo Campus Lyrics: Vali-Hi Drive-In Reference Meaning


Although they remember going to the drive-in as kids, the Vali-Hi that “Sex Tape” quotes isn’t necessarily a family reunion. Rather, it’s a beacon of their teenage impulses: the place they went to reconcile with their first loves and smuggle sips of booze while still underage. “It’s a great place to have fun,” Stocker says. “In high school, it definitely represented this weird window of opportunity. It’s like two and a half hours – potentially four – of cuddling with your crush. It was a great place to hang out with friends, have a quick drink inside you, and just having a good time. No responsibilities. Just a big open field with hundreds of cars and the mystery of what’s going on in those vehicles.

The movie reference, like “Sex Tape” itself, also represents the time they spent growing up outside of the Twin Cities more generally – a time Luppen calls “suburban and innocent.” He says: “All the houses look the same, every garden is well maintained and there are no insects. You are like, ‘Why are there no bugs?'”

“There is such innocence in [the St. Paul suburb] Woodbury who, no matter what you do, can’t really screw it up. But it’s also a horrible portrayal of the lack of diversity and the right. It’s like it’s an awful place too, but the sunsets are awesome,” Stocker says. Because drive-ins are basically the essence of nostalgia — a sign of mid-century Americana. which can be romanticized just as much as it can ignore the insidious nature of the past – the lyrical reference could not encapsulate a suburban youth any more acutely.

Stocker said, “I see [Vali-Hi] like a sunset in my brain. I mean, even just the words “Vali-Hi” – I immediately think of the sun setting in Woodbury, because it’s about 9:00 p.m., the sun hasn’t set. It’s still daylight, and it’s a pink sky, and you’re a little drunk. The windows are down – you’re not driving, but the windows are down – and it’s like it’s there for the taking, almost.”

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