Sindoor triggers sex drive, woman says in viral video

Sindoor triggers a sex drive, a woman said in a viral social media video. Bizarre videos with more bizarre content have been a specialty offered on social media. Some content makes us laugh while others just make us raise our eyebrows and question “ideas” presented as fact.

The woman said so in an IG video posted by Be. Bodywise on Instagram. The video is no longer available on their feed although screenshots of the same have gone viral on Twitter. Netizens fired sarcasm in the comments section. Few others try to explain the fact that sindoor has been a misogynistic practice in our society.

Red powder, considered sacred by some, has been seen for generations as a sign of oppression. It generally marks marriage as the traditionalists’ idea of ​​”marking” a woman as their wife/property. The screenshot was shared by a Twitter user named Rohit. The clip was talking about the benefits of applying sindoor.

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Sindoor triggers sex drive

Rohit wrote“Source: Trust me brother”, adding: “my fac is the mention of ‘triggers libido’ as if Sindoor is an aphrodisiac. It’s the chutki sindoor ki keemat (worth a pinch of sindoor) Shanti (the character of Om Shanti Om, played by Deepika Padukone) was speaking.

The video was shared by Be Bodywise, which has over 490,000 subscribers. The brand’s feed is dedicated to women’s well-being. The page’s bio mentions that it includes products for period, hair, and skin, among others. They also have a consultation window.

Rohit’s Twitter post has already got five thousand likes and 379 quote tweets. Most of which are purely sarcastic. One user wrote, “Mercury is a heavy metal and prolonged exposure can cause various lmao diseases.” Another user mentioned that mercury is literally a poison and “we had to be extremely careful in the labs, it’s scary god damn it”.

Feature image credit: Rohit/ Twitter

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