SKORE aims to position itself as more than just a brand of condoms with its new campaign

  • SKORE launches a bold new campaign to showcase the brand’s wide range of pleasure products.
  • The new digital campaign involves social media and influencer marketing, digital film and media, and branded content.

SKORE, TTK Healthcare’s sexual pleasure and wellness brand, has launched a bold new campaign to position itself as more than just a condom brand, showcasing its widest range of pleasure products.

The “Get Naughtier” campaign is conceptualized by Dentsu Isobar. It includes digital commercials as the primary means of delivering the message and supported by digital activities, engagement building influencer activity and branded content to get the message across over a 6 week period.

The idea behind the campaign is based on sales data and social media discussions that show couples were, more than ever, willing to explore intimacy and try new products. SKORE is the youngest and one of the biggest condom brands in India and is the only Indian brand to have such a wide portfolio of diverse offerings. The brand recognized this as an opportunity to showcase its wide range of products through innovative and daring digital content.

Talk about the campaign Vishal Vyas, Marketing Director, TTK Health Ltd. said, “We have consciously made an effort to create content that will resonate with young people. We wanted to succinctly communicate that we are more than a brand of condoms, offering interesting products for sexual well-being and pleasure such as vibrating rings, and Flavored lubricant variants, pheromone activator spray for men and pleasure gel for women. In a category that is difficult to promote, stereotypical and sordid and which invites moral trolling, consumers are hardly aware of the diversity of offerings in addition to the wide range of diverse condoms that we have. This campaign treats these issues smartly and tries to normalize experimentation and extended play time for couples without judgment and guilt.

Aalap Desai, National Creative Director, isobar India, said: “The category, while creatively fertile, invariably invites a lot of restriction and censorship from the mainstream media. I’m just delighted that the customer is willing to explore a digital-only eco-space to bring such new products to market. Not only are media touchpoints relevant to the consumers the products are intended for, but it is also one of those rare and truly integrated campaigns covering content, social media, performance, marketing of influence and OTT films via a singular narrative. In a way, the challenge of the mainstream media only made us think worse!

The integrated digital campaign aims to generate buzz across multiple touchpoints consistently for maximum impact. Social media content drives engagement through interactive content that encourages brand awareness among target audiences through active participation. Large-scale sampling activity through social media contests and other activities is also undertaken to become familiar with the product offerings.

Two digital films supporting this campaign encourage audiences to explore their naughty side for a happy and balanced life. The films present the SKORE product line and feature young couples finding themselves in humorous situations after using the products. These films use subtle humor and relevant actors to convey the brand’s proposition of “Get Naughtier”.

The campaign aims to further increase the conversational quotient with elements of branded content in association with platforms like Alright and LBB. Thanks to this kind of synergy in content, the brand plans to integrate harmoniously into the lives of young couples and make them realize what they simply cannot afford to miss in their bedroom!

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