Spokane County Sheriff’s Office, Sexual Assault Unit – Ring Camera Donation Drive


SPOKANE – Survivors of sexual assault struggle with the loss of power and control, often in what should be the safest place: their homes.

Following a sexual assault, victims may fear that the attacker will learn the address or location of their home. This fear can extend to other aspects of the victim’s life, leaving the victim feeling helpless and re-victimized.

Even if perpetrators of sexual assault are arrested, they are often released without bond pending trial with limited oversight of their whereabouts or actions. Security camera company Ring offers a doorbell camera, which provides 24-hour audio and visual surveillance in its installation location.

The camera only needs a Wi-Fi signal and does not require the presence of a doorbell. The camera is easily installed using limited tools and user friendly.

April is National Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The SCSO Sexual Assault Unit (SAU) donation drive is to purchase ten (10) or more Ring doorbell cameras. The cameras will be donated to the Lutheran Community Services Sexual Assault Advocacy program.

Sexual Assault Advocates will anonymously provide Ring cameras to sexual assault survivors, in conjunction with their advocacy. 100% of donations are used to finance the purchase of cameras. Donations received will be submitted to the Spokane County Chaplains Office 501(c)(3) fund, which will assist in the purchase of the cameras.

All donations made to the fund are tax deductible, with donation receipts available. Donations can be made to the GoFundMe account. (https://gf.me/v/c/59h3/SCSORing)

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