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by Nathaniel R.

Make way for streaming roulette, a mishmash of recommendations and points of interest among the titles newly available around the various services. Images are chosen by randomly moving the scroll bar. Everything we land on, we share. Let’s start with a mini Amazon review my policeman

He was there. I even recognized him from behind. This beautiful head. The inimitable line of his shoulder.

my policeman (2022) Amazon Prime
Acclaimed director Michael Grandage hasn’t had a warm reception at the movies. His first feature film Genius (2016), a biopic by influential literary editor Max Perkins (Colin Firth) was critically rejected. His second effort is much improved, but unfortunately met with even harsher reviews. We can’t really counter the typical criticism that has been leveled at it. It’s true that the drama is too muted/stiff and the flashback structure is clunky. Harry Styles is surely the source of the critical beating. He’s just not up to the dramatic task of playing such an internal character. The titular cop is the kind of protagonist who can’t articulate or remotely show how he feels, but really needs to feel it visibly for the audience anyway, both in terms of his relationship with his girlfriend. Marion (Gina McKee / Emma Corrin), and her friend/lover Patrick (Rupert Everett/David Dawson). Without the clarity of someone good at conveying interiority (i.e. many accomplished/trained actors), the precise edges and angles of the drama are blurred. This is a textbook case of the problems that arise with stunts.

That said my policeman has some good times mostly thanks to Corrin and Dawson. Freya Mavor is also a sharp treat in a small role as Marion’s friend who has a far better gaydar than anyone in 1950s London. Harry Styles may have gotten his foot in his mouth talking about on-screen gay love affairs (he clearly hasn’t seen much in LGBTQ cinema!) but the sex scenes between Styles and David Dawson are actually hot/sensual. So there it is!

Look at it from my side. When a woman wants me to seduce her, I usually do. But then she starts pretending that I promised her something, so I start pretending that I promised her something. At the end, I am one who is exploited!

Tootsie (1982) on Hulu
One of the greatest comedies of all time. The fact that he only won one Oscar is shameful. sorry Gandhi, ET, missingand The verdict but you’re just not as big as Dorothy Michaels (Dustin Hoffman) in heels. Also considering the image that Streaming Roulette brought us to, what happened to Dabney Coleman? He was everywhere in the 1980s and early 1990s as one of the most reliable comedic supporting actors. He is still alive and is 90 years old now.

If only there was someone who could help the flower of goodness within us to bloom. An icon of love and forgiveness like, I don’t know, Mother Teresa…

The villains (2022) on Netflix
We recently confessed that we think Best Animated Feature Is A Bit Confusing This Year. The only titles that make the buzz come from only two distributors: Disney & Netflix. In the history of this category (i.e. over the course of five wide selections), there has never been a year with only two honored distributors. So maybe everyone is underestimating this box office hit from Universal? What do you think about it ? Here is the updated table.

Therefore, whenever he looked in the mirror, he saw not himself, but dust.

Bird metamorphosis (2020) on Netflix
This art film was Portugal’s submission to the Oscars last year – Cláudio saw it again here and loved it. In the scene above, we see a succession of stamps from African countries that Portugal once colonized. As you know if you’ve read TFE’s extensive coverage of the international feature film race every year, Portugal holds the admirable but unfortunate distinction of “most Oscar nominations without a nomination“. They submit every year, 39 submissions now, so unless they stop doing it OR get nominated eventually, they hold that record in perpetuity. Egypt and the Philippines are right behind them in persistence without Oscar award.

-I should stay where I belong.
-Where is it?
-In the dirt of the streets.

Barefoot Contessa (1954) – Amazon Prime
Ava Gardner’s centenary arrives in December. We’re going to celebrate because at least one of us (Baby Clyde) is a huge fan. It was one of his iconic photos (if not one of his best), a fictional account of a Spanish sex symbol and power movements within high society. Given that it was his sequel to his one and only Oscar nomination (Mogambo) and the film won Best Supporting Actor (Edmond O’Brien) and was nominated for the screenplay, it is assumed she was up for Best Actress. That she didn’t succeed, we can probably attribute to the fact that 1954 was one of those years when there was simply no wiggle room. The category included past winners (Audrey Hepburn in sabrinaJane Wyman in Gorgeous Obsession), a historic breakthrough (Dorothy Dandridge, carmen jones), a counter-standard star turn that would herald the Academy’s long love affair with “de-glamming” (Grace Kelly, The country girl), and a return for The World’s Greatest Entertainer in one of the greatest screen performances of all time (Judy Garland A star is born). Maybe Ava landed in the dreaded sixth place.

We won’t tell anyone that we’ll put it out of our minds. Trust us. Go down the stairs. Go now.

“With John Garfield” (1939-1951) – Criterion Channel
There’s so much to love about older films, but one of them, featured above, is how often directors and cinematographers pushed multiple actors into the same frame to increase interpersonal drama and tension. It’s sadly a lost art in today’s world of constant close-ups. The photo above is taken from black It’s raining all the way (1951), John Garfield’s last film in a remarkable career. Despite his short filmography and blacklist, he turned out to be one of the most influential film actors. Criterion presents 10 films including humorous (1946) with Joan Crawford, The postman always rings twice (1946) with Lana Turner.


american gigolo (1980) – If You’ve Never Seen Richard Gere’s Hit – Premium
Bad guys
(2022) – Dreamworks releases outlaw animal animated film – Netflix
horror show (1990) – In Case You Haven’t Seen Julianne Moore’s First Movie quiver
Enola Holmes (2022) – Millie Bobby Brown’s Young Detective Star Vehicle Has A Sequel – Netflix
“Black Fox” (1945-1951) – 8 films for NOIRVEMBER including The Telegraph Hill House -Criteria
Harry Potter Franchise
(2001-2011) All – HBOMax
Key and Peele
(Seasons 1-3) the classic sketch comedy series – Netflix
Licorice Pizza (2021) In Case You Missed Last Year’s Oscar Nominee – Paramount+
silver ball (2011) Brad Pitt Stars in This Wonderful True Story Baseball Drama -Netflix
Notting Hill (1999) If Ticket to Paradise wasn’t Julia Roberts enough for you lately, here’s one of her most beloved romantic comedies. Hugh Grant Co-Stars – Netflix
Star Trek franchise (1979-2002) 10 Movies – HBO
Always Alice (2014) Julianne Moore in her Oscar-winning role – Netflix
Titans (S4) Nightwing, Superboy, Starfire and the Others Are Still Here – HBOMax
saw deductible (2004-2010) the first 7 movies – Hulu
“With Veronica Lake” (1941-1946) – We will talk about it a little later in the month for its Centenary – Criterion


The crown (Season 5) Imelda Staunton wears the crown. Penultimate season – Wednesday, November 9, Netflix
My Father’s Dragon (2022) The Latest from Cartoon Saloon – Fri Nov 11, Netflix
Where the Crawdads sing (2022) the blockbuster film adaptation – Saturday November 12, Netflix
king of tulsa (Season 1) Sylvester Stallone stars in a new Taylor Sheridan mob series (Yellowstone, hell or high water) – Sun, November 13, Paramount+

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