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Dear Anne: My in-laws have been married for over 50 years. For most of that time, it hasn’t been a marriage of love or respect. My stepfather “John” has a womanizing background and treated my stepmother “Jane” with consistent disrespect, which manifested in verbal and mental abuse over the years. John appears to people outside of our family as a fun-loving guy who is always the life of the party, when in reality, that’s the complete opposite of what his loved ones see. I can’t remember the last time John said a kind word to my mother-in-law, and it really makes me sad that she lived her life in such a miserable marriage. I believe they stayed together so long because they developed a successful business that neither of them would want to see dissolved in the name of divorce.

It is common knowledge in our family that my stepfather has been unfaithful at times throughout their marriage, but I recently became aware of a situation that is burning a hole in my heart. During a meeting, I overheard a conversation in which John was sharing a story with one of his longtime friends about having had sex with a woman who had been in their business community for decades. The part of the story that I can’t get out of my mind isn’t the graphic description of the act itself, but the fact that he started the story with the year it happened. product ; it was the year my wife was born. I was so aghast that I couldn’t speak, and just kept listening to him as he bragged about this event to his buddy.

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