Susan Bratton saved her sex life (and maybe could save yours, too)



Reinventions portrays people who have made great pivotal points. Meet Susan bratton, who went from chairman of the global ad: TECH conference to CEO of a publishing house that turns sex into love.

What were you before

As a first generation digital marketer, I created the first broadband video advertising, was a founder of the Internet Advertising Bureau, and chaired the leading conference on digital media to the world. Well connected to Fortune 1000 CMO suites, the world’s best digital agencies, and every digital media technology company, I had the Rolodex that dreams and careers are made of.

Then I gave up everything to pursue my passion… literally, my passion is your passion!

What triggered your reinvention (s)?

From the outside, my marriage looked perfect: a mansion in Silicon Valley, several IPOs, a handsome husband, a beautiful daughter, and an impressive career. Yet after 11 years of intimacy which was not satisfying enough for me, I refused to give my husband merciful sex until he reached the heights of abject misery.

We both knew this couldn’t go on. We would divorce, like all our friends, or fix our sex life.

We started therapy and attended sex workshops. A few months after having learned to make love, we were in an upward spiral of pleasure which lasted nearly 20 years and more… and which goes strong!

Procreation is quite simple, but being a good lover takes some learned skills. Once we acquired orgasmic pleasure techniques and communication skills in the bedroom, our sex life took off. We realized that most of our friends get divorced not because of the money but because of a lack of satisfactory privacy. So we decided to use the internet to offer “sex in a box” workshops online, from the privacy of her own home.

My 30-year-old husband, Tim, founded Rhapsody, the world’s first broadband online music service. We knew how to deliver content digitally. And we had a massive rebirth in our marriage because of all the great sex we had. So we decided to create a startup together, posting advanced skills for fun for people all over the world, regardless of gender.

What did the first steps look like?

We first looked at the constellation of techniques that we knew people needed. Then, we hired the top experts in those categories to create the content experience. We released Expand Her Orgasm Tonight, The Seduction Trilogy, and Female Liquid Orgasm as our first three titles. Then I created Revive Her Drive, based on everything Tim has done to help me embrace my sexuality and learn to love having sex with him.

Over time, we have licensed and ordered additional titles, including our collection of hit Steamy Sex Ed ™ and Multi-Orgasmic Lover for Men videos. Over the past 15 years, we’ve grown to have over 45 titles that meet people where they are and open them up to more.

What was a difficult obstacle to overcome?

Being in the sexuality niche means that it is impossible to get traffic from media publishers. What we do offer is the antidote to pornography, teaching conscious and heart-connected love techniques, but we’re still lumped into the category of sexuality.

We have become very good at affiliate partnerships, creating a win-win situation for our partners and for ourselves financially. All of our programs have a 50 to 75 percent revenue share, so we were able to get people with mailing lists to promote it for us. This increased our reach to the point where I could call myself a “privacy expert for millions”.

What was easier than you thought?

The good thing about teaching fun techniques and knowing what you want and asking for it with confidence is that it pays off almost instantly. I’m telling you how to have a mixed orgasm, and you can go home that night and have one. I’m telling you how to separate ejaculation from orgasm, and you can visualize it and do it to become a multi-orgasmic man. I’m telling you the three types of sex toys you need to have on your nightstand, and you use and love them. I explain how the arousal of women differs from that of men, and suddenly you are a fantastic lover. I teach you to talk dirty without feeling weird, and it catapults your dates into the divinely erotic.

Millions of people between the ages of 19 and 90 share with me their deepest fears and desires, which let me know what you don’t know you need. It was an extremely rewarding career change.

What did you learn along the way that other people, hoping to do something similar, should know?

Other experts call me and ask me how they can become financially strong. I tell them to find a real job.

Sex education is an almost impossible business to manage now, because the media has crowded out any possible scale. ROI is impossible. We had an early start for 15 years. It is a bad business idea to be an expert these days. Even my affiliates are drying up.

That’s why Tim and I started a supplement business. sells nitric oxide boosters for blood circulation and daily vitamin vitamins with built-in libido herbs. We are on Amazon. And it’s a physical good that can be advertised online.

We have our old business with the Sexuality Publishing Company and a clear chance of building another seven figure business in the supplement space. Don’t think that you can make money by being an expert.

Did someone or something inspire you along the way?

I was most inspired by my husband, Tim. He’s been the wind under my wings since day one. He encouraged me to boldly take on the role of CEO. It highlights how good I am at business strategy, income generation and negotiation. He’s also the one who connects all my gear for the hundreds of advertising appearances I make. He leads the technology and is the platform I stand on solidly to help others.

When my fans tell me their deepest secrets, it’s a gift they give me to learn more to solve their problems.

“My husband doesn’t initiate sex. It hurts when we have sex. I lost my erectile function. My wife never let me down. I miss our sex life. I don’t. don’t know how to have an orgasm. I don’t last long enough to satisfy my girlfriend. I’m afraid my penis is too small and even refuses to date someone. My libido is flat. I’m afraid to say to my partner my secret fantasies but I can’t stop thinking about them What is this thing about my genitals How can I avoid STIs while sleeping My husband wants us to be poly but I am afraid.

I am inspired daily by the kind notes I receive from people whose lives have improved because they are now getting the privacy and connection they desire.

What has this fundamentally changed for you?

I feel great mastery because I can help a lot of people with something that is at the heart of their humanity. I am in my power zone when I have a platform to do good. I like to talk on stage, watch TV, create videos for my Best lover channel, and write articles for my to place.

My life is uber, fulfilling and spicy. And yes, I have the best sex of my life at 60. I defend ageless sexuality as a role model. It’s awesome ?

Do you think you could go back / do you want to?

I never really left digital media. My businesses are internet driven businesses. Everything I learned about the CPG, automotive, finance brands and their agencies, all the media strategy and research I was a part of, helped grow my current business.

Tell us your song of reinvention.

Bad company “Feel like Makin ‘Love.”

Baby, when I think of you, I think of love
Baby don’t live without you and your love
If I had these golden dreams of my yesterday
I will wrap you in heaven until I die on the way

Want to do
Want to make love
Want to make love
Want to make love
I want to make love to you

How would you define yourself now?

My name is “Expert in privacy for millions.”

I am the face of two brands, the chief strategy officer of both companies, a happy wife and mother, an author of 35 books and programs, a diver and an orgasman. I am going to the far reaches of orgasmic space to bring you the map of the territory, so that you can get there too.

I am currently writing a 15 week orgasm challenge called Come With Me. I teach my followers the 20 kinds of male and female orgasms, so that they too can enjoy the pleasure of their body and their existence. on this wonderful planet.

Sex is healthy, wonderful, and healing. May we all have more satisfaction and connection.

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