The Golden Goal sex position will have you on the edge of your seat this weekend in preparation for the World Cup


BORED of the standard sex missionary position that fills your evenings (if you’re lucky)?

Why not spice things up and show your partner how nimble you are this World Cup season?


Try this World Cup winner to spice up bedroom life this winter

With the famous tournament fast approaching, you can get in the mood for some serious scoring with this nifty sex position.

Much like our lads on the pitch, this will require some serious athletic ability and excellent ball control.

To achieve the Golden Goal position, the couple face each other – looking lovingly into each other’s eyes.

The woman then presses her leg against something – the side of the bed, a small side table, or a stack of Karmasutra books – so that the man can penetrate her.

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As he begins to enjoy the moment of intimacy, the man can then gently slide the woman’s leg up and over his shoulder.

Job number one is not to fall while locked in your romantic embrace.

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But then you can always grab onto each other for additional structural support.

Job number two is for the man to gently guide the movement to provide maximum pleasure.

Do a good job and I hope you both can enjoy the sweet whistle of full time.

Be warned – pre-game hamstring stretches are not only advised but imperative to stay in shape. No one wants to end up on the bench.

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