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We arrived on Friday.

But it feels like we’ve come to Friday in 1950. Republicans in Iowa, after a week of national media coverage of their many terrible and harmful bills, continued their attacks on ordinary people in the Iowa in favor of corporate greed.

Luckily, our team is in touch with incredible base defenders like you, and together we will oppose Reynolds’ divisive agenda.

We’re hosting our third training on the Iowa Legislative website next Tuesday, March 8 at noon to help you gain the knowledge and skills to fight the Iowa Republican’s harmful agenda. You can pre-register for this training on the link here: Legislative Website Training Pt. 3

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at today’s news:

1. STATE AND NATIONAL GROUPS OPPOSE IOWA TRANSPHOBIA: Yesterday, despite opposition from numerous local, state and national organizations and businesses, Governor Kim Reynolds signed legislation that would place trans athletes in the state of Iowa and allow state-sanctioned bullying against trans students.

Iowa was once a leader in the United States for civil rights. From the University of Iowa being the first public university to recognize an LGBTQ+ student organization to be one of the first states in the country to legalize same-sex marriageour state has always been on the right side of history and helped advance civil rights across the country.

Now Governor Kim Reynolds and Republican lawmakers in Iowa want to undo nearly 150 years of progress by tackling our state’s marginalized children. Our team unequivocally opposes transphobia and will continue to support organizations such as One Iowa and Iowa Safe Schools to continue the fight for an inclusive Iowa.

Stick with us and share this message of hope for Iowa’s transgender athletes.

Click to tweet: Regardless of what Iowa bullies @IAGovernor and Republican lawmakers say, Iowa is a home for EVERYONE. I support our transgender students and athletes.

Once you’ve shared this post, take a look at the other stories we’re looking at today:

2. KIM’S TRANSPHOBIA WILL COST IOWA TAXPAYERS: Beyond the detrimental damage the Republican ban on trans athletes will have on the mental health of already marginalized students, this bill will also open Iowa to a slew of lawsuits against this discriminatory practice. National organizations like the The NCAA has pulled out of states like North Carolina for their transphobic laws, and Iowa could lose the national basketball tournaments that the University of Iowa and Iowa State University were to host next month. Republicans are rolling back our state, and it’s going to cost us dearly.

3. REYNOLDS IS STILL THE LEAST TRANSPARENT GOVERNOR: After previously being named one of the least transparent administrations in Iowa history, Gov. Kim Reynolds is still battling to have a lawsuit dismissed for unlawfully ignoring requests for open registration from three different media organizations in Iowa. Iowa. We rely on our free press to hold our leaders to account, but Republicans in Iowa have made it clear they don’t want that. Earlier this year, the Iowa Senate reprimanded a century-old tradition of allowing reporters into the chamber, and instead chose to deny them direct access to elected officials in Iowa. We need leaders who always fight for the people of Iowa, without hiding behind bureaucracy to advance their agenda.

4. BONUSES FOR EVERYONE… BUT NOT YOU: The Kim Reynolds Company was proud to announce a $1,000 bonus to Iowa education professionals in its statehood address. What didn’t she mention? This money was made possible by US bailout dollars, and many school workers are not eligible to receive the bounty. People in positions such as school nurses, librarians, bus drivers, etc., are left out of Reynolds’ band-aid solution to underfund public schools for more than a decade. We urge Reynolds and his Republican allies to properly fund Iowa’s public school system and pay our professionals what they are worth.

5. BIDEN’S ECONOMY IS BOOMING: Fortunately, we can end our High Five today on a happy note, thanks once again to President Biden. In February 2022, nearly 678,000 new jobs were added to the US economy, up a quarter of a million from previous projections. Thank you to President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Democratic members of Congress like Cindy Axne for always putting Iowan families and workers ahead of corporate greed.

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Thanks for reading, and we’ll be back on Monday for another Hive Five!

– The Progress Iowa Team

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