NEBRASKA CITY — Honeywell’s Inclusion and Diversity Committee exceeded expectations Monday with a donation of school supplies to Nebraska City Public Schools.

Committee members delivered the supplies to the central office and Superintendent Mark Fritch.

Fritch: “I got the email and I was like ‘oh, like Carla said, very nice.’ We were obviously excited about the partnership and now that they’ve walked through the door, it’s overwhelming.

Honeywell chief financial officer Carmen Henggeler said the inclusion and diversity committee asked employees to donate school supplies for Workplace Friendship Day on July 30.

Henggeler: “We were getting donations from employees, and then Honeywell donated $1,000 which we used to buy backpacks.”

Honeywell’s Ana Davis said the eight-member committee wanted to do something for employees and realized many had children attending school, so donating school supplies helps parents, grandparents and colleagues, as well as the school.

Henggeler: “We want to send the message to the schools that we support them, that we support the families and the hours that they work at Honeywell that we appreciate them and we appreciate the families in our community who are struggling and that no one is only.”

Fritch said he was encouraged by the donation.

Fritch: “Having the support of this small town community, where it’s a village raising our students, so it’s just another sign of our community and the people in our community supporting all of our students.”

The committee says the local has been shopping for supplies.