The left’s stance on abortion is openly anti-science


Democrats suddenly believe that abortion is their golden ticket to winning the midterm elections. Democratic candidates up and down, from Beto O’Rourke in Texas to Stacey Abrams in Georgia, have a platform that supports abortion up until the moment of birth. As Democratic messages become increasingly bullish and aggressive, their positions on abortion have become not just out of touch with voters, but out of touch with scientific truth.

Former state legislator Stacey Abrams is the latest stunning example. The Democratic candidate for governor of Georgia made waves last week when she claimed, “There is no heartbeat at six weeks. It’s a manufactured sound designed to convince people that men have the right to take control of a woman’s body.

This is an absurd assertion. By claiming that the heartbeats of unborn babies cannot be detected by ultrasound at six weeks, Abrams dismisses decades of common medical practice (by doctors on both sides of the issue) and plunges headfirst into the depths. obscure of an anti-science conspiracy theory. .

For decades, the “science party” has twisted science to fit its own narratives and political agenda. In my 11 years of pro-life activism on the Texas Capitol, I have witnessed countless pro-abortion rants about pro-life pseudoscience calling mere “embryos” “babies” and chastising our legislation such as the Preborn Pain Act for ignoring the advice of major (pro-abortion) medical societies. The rhetoric we now hear around fetal heartbeats is a new level of delusion.

Using Doppler signals to detect an unborn baby’s beating heart — a ubiquitous practice in the medical community since the 1970s — is a step too far for abortion extremists like Abrams.

Regardless of six weeks, Johns Hopkins Medicine postulates that a fetal heartbeat begins at four weeks gestation. Even Planned Parenthood’s own website admitted “a very basic beating heart and circulatory system develops” in five to six weeks, before quickly cleaning up its website in affirmation of Abrams’ theory.

Now, the Planned Parenthood website claims that a baby’s beating heart simply “sounds” like a heartbeat. In order to keep pushing abortion in an increasingly technologically advanced society, the left has abandoned science.

Abrams went so far as to claim that there was never any “sound” detectable by Doppler or ultrasound, but that it is more likely that every medical professional working in obstetrics and gynecology or those assisting mothers in hospital maternity wards or birthing centers around our country are part of a larger conspiracy, in which they broadcast “manufactured” sounds to trick women into thinking their child has a heartbeat. Take out the foil hats.

Abrams’ utterly absurd argument was meant to be an attack on Georgia law protecting unborn babies with detectable heartbeats, an undeniable sign of a child’s humanity and a major indicator of healthy fetal development.

When Texas passed the first heartbeat bill to be enforced in the United States, the left collectively lost their minds. The New York Times decried the life-saving law, saying that “at this very early stage of a pregnancy, the embryo is the size of a pomegranate seed and has only a primitive tube of cells heart cells that emit electrical impulses and pump blood.

Unfortunately for the New York Times, redefining words to distract from their true meaning doesn’t change reality. Heart cells that emit electrical impulses and pump blood are the basic definition of a functioning human heart.

Medical science and technology are constantly advancing, and we are at a point where the humanity of unborn children in the womb is undeniable. We now have the tools and knowledge to observe the progress and development of unborn babies like never before in human history.

We can see the spark at the moment of fertilization (sperm-egg fusion) when the life of a distinct human being begins, already possessing unique DNA. By this time of fertilization, the gender, hair color, eye color, and countless other traits of that child have already been determined. Additionally, the work of embryologists like Dr. Maureen Condic shows how in an instant the embryo possesses the molecular makeup and immediately begins to behave like an organism, not just a cell. In those first moments after fertilization, science observes that the embryo acts in an “interdependent and coordinated manner” to “continue the activities of life”.

Ironically, the same week that Abrams denied that unborn babies have heartbeats, researchers at Durham University in England released recordings of unborn babies reacting to different tastes and smells. Scientists’ 4D ultrasound technology captured an unborn baby smiling at the taste of its mother ingesting carrot tablets and grimacing at the taste of kale.

How does the pro-abortion left plan to overcome all these pesky scientific facts and new medical research? Ignore science. If that doesn’t work, just change the words to distract from their true meaning. A heartbeat isn’t a heartbeat, it’s just electrical impulses emitted by heart cells. And if all else fails, affirm that medical technology is just a tool of patriarchy to control women’s bodies.

As a bioethicist and pro-life activist, I want to acknowledge the medical, economic, and social barriers that women and families face during unexpected or difficult pregnancies. I want to discuss broken institutions like our inadequate foster care system, but I’m afraid we won’t make any progress or legislative change if half of our political class is openly hostile to the scientifically confirmed moral status of the unborn .

The abortion industry and its advocates are only too willing to close their eyes and cover their ears to the irrefutable data on the miracle of human life. If the left opened its eyes to accept biological realities, it would have no choice but to recognize the humanity of the unborn child and reject the inhumanity of elective abortion.

Will the left listen to science or will it continue in its blind faith in this radical political agenda?

Dr. John Seago, MA, DBE is a published bioethicist and is president of Texas Right to Life, Texas’ oldest and largest pro-life organization. He received a master’s degree in bioethics from Trinity International University and a doctorate in bioethics and health policy from Loyola University Chicago.

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