The position most likely to make women orgasm, according to a new study

Sometimes slandered for being boring, this study came to a startling conclusion about the most “successful” sex position for women. Image credit: MBLifestyle/

Fun new research has set out to discover the best sex position for straight women when it comes to reaching an orgasm. The study has some shortcomings, so to speak, but they found the answer is the old-fashioned missionary position (provided a pillow is placed under the woman’s buttocks so that her pelvis is slightly elevated).

As reported in the journal Sexologies, a pair of researchers at the private gynecology clinic New H Medical in New York City assessed the most “successful” position for achieving female orgasm by examining blood flow to the clitoris before and after intercourse. sex in five positions.

These positions included face-to-face/woman-on-top, seated/face-to-face, face-to-face/man-on-top (with and without a pillow), and kneeling/rear-entry.

They found that clitoral blood flow increased after engaging in every position except kneeling/rear entry (aka doggy style). They also found that the face-to-face/male top position (aka missionary) with a pillow under the woman’s pelvis was the most effective in triggering clitoral blood flow.

“The kneeling/rear-entry position produced the least direct contact with the clitoris and resulted in a negligible increase in blood flow compared to the face-to-face positions,” the study authors write.

Before jumping to conclusions, there are a few caveats to consider when reviewing these results. First, the study only involved one heterosexual couple, so there is certainly no guarantee that the results are representative of the entire population.

The newspaper explains that the couple were “a healthy medical couple, both 32 years old” who were “well known to researchers”. Having sex under the watchful eye of two researchers, you might say, isn’t representative of how most people have fun in bed – but hey, whatever appeals to you.

There’s also the fact that the study actually looked at whether an orgasm was achieved, it simply assessed the level of blood flow to the clitoris, which is simply suggestive of sexual arousal.

With these limitations in mind, similar results have already been obtained in large studies. A 2020 article surveyed nearly 20,000 Czech heterosexuals and asked their preference for 13 sex positions. It also showed that people tended to prefer face-to-face positions when looking for an orgasm, although it revealed that everyone’s favorite was face-to-face positions with women on top.

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