Theater Lunatico presents ATTEMPTS ON HER LIFE, October 21 to November 13

Jhe ensemble of the Lunatico Theater returns to the stage in October to present Martin Crimpthe seminal postmodern piece of Assassination attempts.

A contemporary piece that offers insight, misdirection, contradictions and commentary on the life of the protagonist – the invisible Anne – Assassination attempts opens on Friday October 21 (opening Saturday October 22), and runs until Sunday, November 13 at La Val Underground Theater in Berkeley.

Advance tickets (Pay What You Will) are available at or can be purchased at the door subject to availability. For more information on the Lunatico Theater, visit

Through an intentionally ambiguous gauntlet of 17 seemingly disparate scenes, the playwright Martin Crimp attempts to define who Anne is (or was?) through hot topics such as pop culture, political violence, and personal identity, among others. Theater Lunatico’s interpretation will be physical, intimate and theatrical as the all-female ensemble grapples with script scenes that so faithfully reflect the chaos of the current day.

“The nature of truth today could not be more critical, nor more difficult to define,” notes director Michael Barr. “We constantly hear conflicting reports about what is happening, why it is happening, whether or not there is cause for concern – often from reliable sources, such as TV news or supposed experts. the established facts of deliberate disinformation? Can we ever know the biases or ulterior motives of the person who is speaking?”

Since its premiere at the Royal Court in London in 1997, Martin Crimpit is Assassination attempts has been translated into over 20 languages. His 17 “scripts for the theater” create a sort of post-modernist poem with no delineated characters (the script doesn’t even provide names for spoken lines, and the show can be performed with almost any number of people) and without traditional scenario. Instead, the work becomes an intriguing puzzle about identity, truth, and what our society finds remarkable. By turns scary and hilarious, and always centered on the absent protagonist “Anne”, Attempts On Her Life explores our modern obsessions with sex, pornography, violence, art, gossip, and more.

The all-female set for Lunatico Theater’s attempts on his life understand Devon DeGroot, Eileen Fisher, Jennifer Greene, Shawn Oda, Kateryna Ponomarenkoand Laurie Smith.

Lunatic Theater is a Berkeley-based ensemble physical theater company dedicated to storytelling that puts women center stage through the unique interpretive lens of their storytelling and commitment to gender parity. Past productions include melancholy game, Titus Andronicus, Convoy 31000, Draculaand Kurskamong others. More information is available at

Lunatic Theater is a totally vaccinated and boosted company. All audience members are required to present proof of COVID vaccination and must remain masked inside the theater. The artists will be unmasked during the performance.

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