Tim Westwood’s savage drive-by shooting injury

Tim Westwood, the former BBC Radio 1 host, has been accused of sexual misconduct by seven women following an investigation into him by The Guardian and his former employer, the BBC.

Tim Westwood was shot dead in Kennington in South London in 1999 and needed surgery to repair the damage

DJ Tim Westwood has been accused by seven women of abusing his influence and committing sexual misconduct.

The former BBC Radio 1 host, now 64, faces multiple allegations of unwanted sexual behavior between the years 1992 and 2017.

The Guardian and the BBC both report hearing the seven individuals’ allegations and accounts as they conducted a joint investigation into him.

Westwood has strongly denied the allegations. His lawyers said: ‘Any suggestion that he acts or has acted in the manner described would be false and seriously defamatory.’

Westwood made headlines in 1999, when he was the victim of an extreme act of violence.

Westwood has been accused of sexual misconduct by seven women. He strenuously denies the allegations

Driving through Kennington, south London, in a Land Rover on a Sunday evening, a motorbike pulled up alongside him.

Westwood had performed at the Lambeth Country Festival near Brixton, but did not return home that evening.

The bike that stopped next to him was carrying two men, one of whom was armed with a gun. It was reported by The Guardian at the time that it may have been a 9mm automatic handgun.

Westwood was shot in the right arm while his assistant Ross Newman was shot in the leg.

There were four other people in the car, each from Westwood-based production company Justice Productions, who were injured by flying glass.

Westwood spent the night in hospital under police guard, having undergone minor surgery following his arrival at St Thomas’ Hospital in south London.

The bullet went through his arm and the wound needed cleaning. Another bullet went through his chair.

The 1999 shooting scene in Kennington



Speaking via the BBC at the time, Westwood said: “I thank God I’m alive and everyone survived. Everyone in the hospital has been amazing. I’m feeling great.”

Westwood associate Newman also needed surgery and links were made at the time to wider violence in the capital after 13 people were killed in 30 shootings between January and July 1999 .

Westwood, who was 41 at the time, later said the attacks were linked to gang activity and part of a message to stop him playing in the area and extort money from him .

Westwood has worked on a number of popular radio stations including Radio 1, Kiss FM and Capital



Westwood’s career began at nightclub Gossips, with the former private schoolboy taking his break as a glass collector before working his way up to the turntables.

In a statement at the time, the BBC, which is now leading the investigation into Westwood’s alleged misconduct, said: “We are obviously working with the police to try to find out what happened. We are all absolutely horrified.

“We don’t know he was threatened before this incident. Security was tightened at the BBC following the murder of Jill Dando.”

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