Tinnitus makes life hell and I have panic attacks everyday

DEAR DEIDRE: EVERY night I go to bed wishing I’d wake up like someone else.

There are things I’m grateful for – my kids and my husband – but I’m fed up all the time.


Tinnitus gives me panic attacks every day

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I developed tinnitus six years ago after standing too close to speakers at a festival. I am now 32 years old.

The constant ringing in my ears, on top of all the other noises around me, is overwhelming.

It was really bad when my kids, who are six and four, were home all the time during lockdown.

I take medication because I have panic attacks almost every day.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Many who live with tinnitus also suffer from anxiety as a sad byproduct.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) may help you manage the influence of tinnitus on your life. It allows sufferers to understand their thought processes in relation to the condition, which in turn allows for more positive thoughts.

The British Tinnitus Association (tinnitus.org.uk0800 018 0527) has experts who can help you.

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