Top ten blog posts of 2021


What year, right? We thought 2020 was crazy, but for me and our family and this ministry, 2021 was even more of a stretch. Breast cancer. Surgery and radiotherapy. Blogs invited by many author friends during my convalescence. Supply chain disruptions that have resulted in books being stuck in containers and on rails rather than in stores and on Amazon. In-person events are starting to come back – oh wait, whatever, no it doesn’t. And of course, take all the surveys for the latest sex research project and have to write the book! (Which I’m still trying to … take a look at my daily life Instagram stories during the writing process.)

Each of you has your own “crazy 2021” story.

At the end of December, it became a tradition for us to share the most popular blog posts of the year so that you can catch up on the posts you might have missed, especially the ones that so many people have connected with. . And this crazy year I was particularly wondering: what is would like people you connect with the most?

Unsurprisingly, the majority of the top ten posts are all about marriage and in particular some super practical things that each of us can do. If you haven’t seen these articles (and many more Resources), my team and I hope these give you both encouragement and practical steps to grow your relationship, solve problems, and thrive as a couple. Even beyond marriage, we hope it will help you flourish in life!

A special note this year: I am incredibly grateful to my author friends who provided guest articles during my recovery. And I’m grateful that the wisdom they shared resonated so well that two of their posts appeared on this list!

And so, without further ado (as they say), here are the top ten blog posts of this year:

  1. When the Enemy Attacks Your Marriage (guest post by Ashley Willis)

  2. Get involved in your marriage by opting for the “all-in”
  3. Pray for the Afghan and Haitian people
  4. Four phrases your wife would love to hear from you
  5. This is what your man really thinks [Patheos]
  6. The Sex & Conversation Series, Part 3: “If my partner loved me, he WANTS to do what warms my heart!”
  7. Stop Hanging On To Your Wedding (guest post by Dr Juli Slattery)

  8. Does your husband stop when you ask questions? here’s why
  9. The Sex & Conversation Series, Part 1: A Simple Phrase That Will Thrill Your Wife
  10. When you tease your husband, it’s really not a joke

More “aha moments” and encouragement are in the works for the New Year and beyond. Stay tuned!

I wish you a Happy New Year!

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