TUSD is looking to fill a new position to address diversity issues



The Turlock Unified School District is still looking for the right person to fill the new position of Equity Initiatives Coordinator. This position will lead the Equity Task Force and has a starting salary of $ 119,215, according to the TUSD.

The search to fill the position was originally scheduled to take place between Aug. 9 and 23, but the search did not produce a large enough pool of qualified candidates, according to Deputy Superintendent of Human Resources David Lattig. The new research will take place between September 1 and September 1. 30.

“We hope this second round will attract a qualified candidate with both professional and personal skills to fill this role in TUSD,” said Lattig.

According to the job posting, the core responsibilities of the Equity Initiatives Coordinator include ensuring that equity is built into the work of all departments and schools through the development and implementation of ‘diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives and to provide leadership, communication, guidance and support to students, families, staff and community members of the Turlock Unified School District.

The Equity Initiatives Coordinator will also focus on diversity issues supporting all people protected by law, including descent, color, creed, sex, gender identity, disability, status host family or homeless, national origin, race, religion and sexual orientation.

“I’ve been on the equity task force for a few years now and they’ve tried really hard, but having a leader in that capacity who’s qualified to do the job is great. There are a lot of things I’m really proud of, but one of the things I’m most proud of is the work of the Equity Task Force, ”said Lori Carlson, Chairman of the Board of TUSD.

Qualifications for this position are five years of teaching experience in a public school, a California Administrative Service degree, and preferably a master’s degree or in the process of being completed.

Applicants should also have knowledge of racial and cultural differences, culturally appropriate practices, intervention strategies and cultural competencies. The individual must also be able to work with communities of color, students and school staff while developing sensitive working relationships with students and staff.

Board member Anthony Silva said he believed having a position like this would help ensure the district can serve all students and their families, and could help prevent problematic situations.

“We have such a diverse community and sometimes we miss something about how people should be treated. It could avoid problems or things that we could do to be proactive about certain things that are happening, ”he said.

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