Two sentenced to life in prison for sexual assault on a woman from Noakhali



A Noakhali court sentenced Delwar Hossain Delu and his accomplice Abul Kalam to life in prison for a sexual assault and rape case in Begumganj.

District Court Judge for the Prevention of Punishment of Women and Children-1 Jainal Abedin delivered the verdict on Monday, reports.

The court also fined the convicts 50,000 Tk each, with three months in prison without parole if they do not pay, state attorney Mamunur Rashid Lablu said.

The court heard statements from 12 state witnesses and three defense witnesses during the 13 working days of the trial, he added.

The two suspects were brought to justice to hear the verdict and returned to prison under police surveillance following the announcement.

According to records, Delwar led a group of men to a woman’s home in Joykrishnapur village of Eklashpur Union on September 2, 2020. The group then stripped and beat her.

A month later, on October 4, a video of the assault went viral on social media. Police took the woman, who had gone into hiding for fear of her attackers, under their protection that day.

On October 5, 2020, the woman then filed a rape complaint against Delwar and Kalam for two separate incidents on October 5, 2019 and April 7, 2020.

Two other cases were filed under the Prevention of Punishment of Women and Children Act and the Pornography Act for group sexual assault and posting the video on social media. Delwar, Kalam and seven others have been charged in these two cases.

Delwar and Kalam were charged in the rape case on February 17.

“We asked the court for the most severe sentence,” state attorney Mamunur Rashid Lablu said. “But we are happy with the result.

“I asked for the death penalty,” said the victim. “But, according to the court verdict, they will not be released from prison. I am satisfied with this.

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