Uganda: Kassanda takes action to protect girls from sexual abuse


Kassanda district leaders have launched a campaign to equip girls with the skills to earn a living to protect them from sexual abuse.

Ms. Phoebe Namulindwa, the Resident District Commissioner (DRC) told the Daily Monitor in an interview this week: “The district has registered 2,500 cases of teenage pregnancy in 10 months. The future of these girls is already in jeopardy. We have heard stories where some of the girls pretend they didn’t have the basic necessities and maybe got trapped while trying to get money to meet to basic needs. This is what we should try to resolve as stakeholders. “

“We welcome all efforts of individuals and organizations that focus on improving the well-being of girls. When these girls have income plans, they may not fall for the cheap promises of selfish men who ruin their future, ”Ms. Namulindwa added.

Ms. Ritah Nagayi Buuza, the district probation officer, said they support the girl child training initiative supported by Hope After Rape Organization, an NGO that targets girls of school age.

“It is unfortunate that Kassanda was recently ranked 10th among the districts with a high number of defiling cases in a 2020 police crime report. We need to help these young girls care for and adopt the training programs. “she said.

According to the district health department, high cases of teenage pregnancies have been recorded in the sub-counties of Kalwana, Bukuya, Myanzi, Nalutuntu and Kassanda.

Mr. Fred Kifubangabo, director of the organization Hope After Rape, said that young girls have the possibility of having a better life after such unfortunate incidents.

“As we target girls who are raped, we have opened a wider door for young girls to dress to avoid tempting and compromised situations,” he said.

“Many young girls get pregnant as they try to survive. In the end, they get attracted and don’t keep their promises after getting pregnant. We believe that once these girls have income generating projects, it could reduce the number of prey to selfish men, ”said Mr. Kifubangabo.

He said they were helping more than 3,800 young girls through economic empowerment projects.

Mr. Kifubangabo also said that girls are sensitized, given the start-up capital for small projects, adding that about 13,000 girls in the district are expected to benefit from a project called DREAMS.

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