Ulrika Jonsson talks about her “crazy” libido



Ulrika Jonsson says her libido has gone “crazy”. (Getty)

Ulrika Jonsson said her libido went “nuts” at the age of 51.

The old one Gladiators The star, 54, split from her third husband Brian Monet in 2019 and later said there was a lack of privacy in their marriage.

Speaking to Vicky Pattison on The secret to finding your power podcast, she said she then tried online dating.

“I reached this point three years ago when I was 51 where I don’t want to be in a relationship but I want to have sex and I would like to have a lot of it, please” she declared.

“My libido got a little crazy – well, I don’t know if it went crazy, maybe it was crazy – but somehow I wasn’t having sex, but my friend got me. put on the dreaded dating apps so I had a few dates, ”Jonsson continued.

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The mother of four said that in the past she had always been “a relationship person”, but that was partly because she wanted to have children.

She said that in the future she would like to be with someone but that maybe not in the “conventional” way, like living together.

Ulrika Jonsson attending the UK premiere of This Is Us, Odeon Cinema, Leicester Square, London.

Ulrika Jonsson has been married three times. (PENNSYLVANIA)

Jonsson was married to cameraman John Turnbull from 1990 to 1995 and they had a son, Cameron.

Her second child was her daughter Bo, whom she had with her former partner Marcus Kempen.

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She married Lance Gerrard-Wright in 2003 and they had a daughter Martha before separating in 2006.

The star has been married to Monet for 11 years and they have a son, Malcolm.

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