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Ultimate power rests with Jason Licht

March 31, 2022

We have now entered phase 4 of general manager Jason Licht’s career as general manager of Bucs.

Hopefully this doesn’t end soon with a move to phase 2 of Del Boca Vista.

Licht came into One Buc Palace with Lovie Smith as the Bucs’ big-stick-wielding almighty head coach in 2014. Licht was a first general manager coming from the Arizona Cardinals, where it’s safe to say that it all turned out almost the opposite of how Lovie wanted things done. Licht was hired after Lovie and with Lovie’s approval, and smart fans know what that implies: that Licht had limited power over the staff.

Lovie was ousted within two years and Dirk Koetter was promoted to head coach in 2016, which meant Licht was in complete control of all things Bucs football. Licht Phase 2 started but ended in a dirty mess. The Bucs had 5-11 straight seasons, players weren’t developing to their full potential and the locker room was having issues, and their starting quarterback had agreed to be labeled an NFL sex offender under policy. of league conduct.

But Team Glazer remained with Licht for Phase 3, as a matured Licht brought in Bucco Bruce Arians to coach the team. The pair were a perfect duo sharing power at the same rate, and Licht’s insight with the salary cap and the draft earned him a positive spotlight. Yes, Tom Brady has helped immensely, but his presence shouldn’t diminish Licht’s accomplishments.

Plus, Brady wouldn’t have come in without Arians, and Arians wouldn’t have taken the job without his old buddy Licht in charge.

Now Arians have retired and Joe believes Licht has regained ultimate power as he did from 2016 to 2018. But this time around Licht has more experience and know-how, and probably even more. freedom of ownership because of all that he has accomplished.

Joe thinks Licht is ready for Phase 4. However, Joe sees this as an important transition. Joe won’t pretend that the transfer of the greatest head coach in Bucs history to Todd Bowles is an event from another day at the office.

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