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Hyderabad: Despite advances in the vasectomy procedure, which can be performed in 30 minutes, most men do not seek out the family planning operation. Every year, the Union’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare runs a nationwide campaign in which men are even given Rs 1,110 to undergo the operation, but few show up.
Officials say no more than 20 from each district have expressed interest despite calls from volunteers. “We explain to them that there are no side effects, but many still refuse to come for the procedure,” said Dr Swarjya Laksmi, Ranga Reddy District Medical and Health Officer (DMHO).
“Although vasectomy is considered a permanent method of family planning, reversal is possible,” an official said. Various circumstances prevent men from taking on the burden of family planning. Most men tend to think that the process affects a man’s libido and manhood. “The loss of libido is the biggest myth associated with sterilization,” said a health ministry official.
The associated social stigma as well as the lack of understanding of new treatments were the main reasons for the low participation of men in family planning. Many women also don’t want their husbands to have a vasectomy, officials said.
Vasectomy is a small procedure performed under local anesthesia that is quick, painless and non-invasive, officials said. The tubes that transfer semen from the testes to the penis are surgically clipped or clamped to prevent fertilization. Innovations have accelerated the process over time. No-scalpel vasectomy is a relatively recent surgery.
The campaign is scheduled to launch in the state on November 29 and end on December 4. Officials say no more than 20 from each district have expressed interest.

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