VIDEO PLAYLIST: Finding Stories in Business Accounts


Business accounts can be a goldmine of story leads – from “following the money” and uncovering complex webs of relationships, to simply flagging individual concerns and payments.

I’ve created a playlist of videos covering a number of different techniques you can use to find stories. Those are:

  1. What stories can be found in company accounts
  2. How to find stories in the text section at the start of company accounts
  3. Finding Stories in the Cash Flow Statement
  4. Use Accounts to Find Relationship Stories and potential conflicts of interest
  5. Tools and tips for journalists use company accounts
  6. Find stories about taxes, salaries, debts and other tracks

The full playlist is embedded below.

You can also read my articles on teaching journalists how to find stories in company accounts; how a journalist used these techniques to tell a story on a social media platform for sex workers; and tips from a story about a fashion charity.

You can find video-related resources in this GitHub repository including sample accounts and links to stories using these techniques.

The video was first made for the students of MA in Data Journalism at Birmingham City University and is shared here as part of a series of video posts.

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