Viral TikTok captures couple having sex while driving Whataburger



A TikToker captured a couple apparently having sex while in a Whataburger drive-thru line, in a video that naturally went viral.

The video is courtesy of TikToker @luissy_f, and it has garnered over 4.1 million views on the platform since its inception on Monday.

The TikToker hails from San Antonio, although he did confirm, in response to one of the commenters who acknowledged the location, that it was the San Marcos location. San Marcos, home to Texas State University, sits roughly halfway between Austin and San Antonio on I-35, and offers a number of fast food restaurants for drivers who do this. route.

Regional fast food is very popular, especially in Texas where it was founded and first developed. This is proven, in part, by the sometimes long lines that challenge hungry customers to figure out how to pass the time.

As the viral video shows, however, a couple in front of the TikToker grabbed an idea.

“Those people in front of us were going in the drive-thru lane at Whataburger,” the video begins, with the text-to-speech feature telling the legends included in TikToker. Although the people in the video appear as silhouettes in the low-light video, the vigor with which they move seems consistent with TikToker’s “go there” rating.

As the scene unfolds, the people in TikToker’s car register their approval with hoots and screams.

The video then shifts the narrative to another car, noting, “Then this car out of nowhere tries to cut past us after we’ve been in line for almost 45 minutes.”

But, as you might expect, the commentators were more involved in the first part of the video.

One of them cracked, “Whatanight”, playing on the nomenclature of various items on the Whataburger menu. This led the creator to reply, “Whatababy is coming soon lol.”

Another observed, “They were going In-N-Out in a Whataburger line,” referring to the California burger chain that has an unofficial rivalry with Whataburger.

This led the creator to declare it the “best collaboration”.

Another asked, “Are you sure it wasn’t Smashburger?” Which received a series of delighted responses from other commentators.

Another suggested he should have honked the horn, but replied that he did not want to be a “street killer”.

Most of the reviewers, however, seemed amused by the couple and grabbed the available jokes – including one who joked: “Extra towels please.”

The Daily Dot has contacted the TikToker.

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* First published: October 3, 2021, 10:06 a.m. CDT

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