VVD wants to change government position that monarch in same-sex marriage must relinquish throne


The VVD wants to change a government position dating back to 2000 that a monarch who wants to marry a same-sex partner must relinquish the throne. The ruling party has been reminded of this position by a new book on Crown Princess Amalia and has asked interim Prime Minister Mark Rutte about it, reports RTL Nieuws.

Political lawyer Peter Rehwinkel wrote about this government position in his new book ‘Amalia, from plicht roept’. In 2000, then Secretary of State for Justice Job Cohen made the reservation on behalf of the cabinet that an heir to the throne would have to relinquish the throne if he wanted to marry a same-sex partner. He considered that royalty is hereditary, and that this would be impossible in same-sex marriage “because it is certain in advance that no child can be born from such a marriage”.

This government position has not been discussed since, until VVD parliamentarians wrote a letter to Rutte on Tuesday. “Do you think this matches the standards and values ​​of the Netherlands in 2021? They want to know. They also want to know to what extent children from a marriage between an heir to the throne and a same-sex partner are eligible for the monarchy, according to the broadcaster.

Parliamentarians asked the prime minister to respond within two weeks.

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