Warren County EMS Responders Step Up Collection Of Gift Cards For Victims Of Shelter Fires



When EMS teams see someone in need, they kick in.

In this case, they do not provide vital medical services. Local teams in Warren County are collecting gift cards for victims of a recent fire at a shelter for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

A fire on Sunday morning forced the relocation of seven families, including a total of 15 people from the Warren County Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Crisis Center.

Jessica M. Bartelloni, an EMT with Mansfield Emergency Medical Services, decided to help collect gift cards for the victims. She noticed a similar effort underway within the Independence EMS team, which led to a three-way effort with Oxford EMS to increase the number of cards collected.

“We wanted to give back to those who have given and supported us and our organization over the years,” Bartelloni said.

The fire caused significant damage to the seven-bedroom shelter, according to the shelter’s executive director Jill Zinckgraf. All the families have been relocated and none of the crisis center services have been interrupted. The address of the shelter is not being disclosed by lehighvalleylive.com because victims of abuse do not want their attackers to stalk them. The refuge is in the Washington area.

Zinckgraf asked for gift cards in installments of $ 25 so victims could purchase food and goods.

Teams collect $ 25 Visa / Mastercard gift cards, gift cards at grocery stores (like ShopRite, Weis, or Walmart), and gift cards at clothing stores (like Kohls or Old Navy). You can deposit the cards at:

  • Independence First Aid Squad, 3 Regina Lane, Great Meadows, NJ 07838. (Independence Township)
  • Mansfield Emergency Medical Services, 301 Airport Road, Hackettstown, NJ 07840 (Mansfield Township)
  • Oxford Emergency Squad, 76 Academy St., Oxford NJ, 07863 (Oxford Township)

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