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Last night we reported the arrest of a man on suspicion of breaking into apartments in Bridge park seniors’ residence at High Point early Saturday while residents were at home. Today the King County Attorney’s Office accused 35 years Abdulrizak I. Yusuf – a convicted sex offender – with two counts of residential burglary. Prosecution documents indicate that Yusuf has an extensive criminal history, including:

… Convictions for 3rd degree theft (2013, 2015, 2019), theft (2014, 2015, 2017, 2018), 2nd degree criminal trespass (2014, 2015), residential burglary (2014), Residential burglary / indecent exposure with sexual motivation (2017), 1st degree theft (2017), 1st degree theft / 2nd degree robbery (2017), 1st degree Crim Trespass (2019), 2nd degree vehicle tampering (2019), 4th degree aggression / False declaration / Theft 3rd degree (2019), and Voyeurism 1st Degree (2019).

The voyeurism conviction, in fact in 2020, placed him in the sex offender database, of which we got the picture to the right; it is listed as having failed to register. In the new burglary case, prosecution documents say Yusuf broke a window to enter an apartment where a husband and wife slept. She shouted for him to go; her husband escorted her out of the front door into the hallway. There, according to the police, Yusuf tried the doors and found one unlocked, entering this apartment. When the police arrived and knocked on that door, the resident – a woman who uses a wheelchair – shouted through, “There is a strange man in my apartment! Get him out, please! They forced open the door the suspect had locked behind him and took him into custody. No injuries were reported. Yusuf remains in jail, the bail is set at $ 25,000. The prison register indicates that he was held for burglary investigation last week, arrested on September 13 and released two days later; the format of the prison list has changed recently, so it’s unclear why he was released, but we’ll follow up.

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