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Succession Season 3, Episode 2 ends with Gerri in line to become CEO of Waystar Royco. Here’s what that means for her relationship with Roman.

In Succession Season 3 Episode 2, “Mass in Time of War,” things come to an end with Gerri vying for the role of temporary CEO at Waystar Royco, but here’s what that means for his secret pseudo-relationship with Roman. HBO’s family and business drama unfolds with a fast-paced, sharp wit, and constant metaphorical chess moves while following ultra-wealthy conglomerate boss Logan Roy and his family – who are also heavily tied to his business and its commercial relations. Despite his constant, blatant toxicity and manipulation tactics, all of Roy’s adult children harbor a deep, childlike need to earn their father’s approval, blessing, and trust.

Roman (Kieran Culkin) is one of the most intriguing examples within Succession cast of characters. Like the other main cast of the series, Roman’s flaws, blind spots, and personal struggles are presented in great detail. One of the areas of his life that he really struggles with is the way he deals with romance and sexuality. Despite his difficulties with this kind of intimacy, he still occasionally pursues women. He’s had a confusing, indefinite, semi-secret sort of relationship (Shiv clearly knows this in Episode 2) with his father’s right-hand man and general counsel, Gerri Kellman (J. Smith-Cameron). But, so far, she’s keeping her distance this season – apparently trying to keep things professional.

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Now that she has been named temporary CEO of Waystar Royco while Logan takes a step back, Gerri seems to be stepping up her efforts. The future has never been bright for the couple’s pseudo-relationship. From its very beginnings in Succession Season 2, it was built on some sort of malicious secret, with Gerri being much less engaged and their sexual chemistry and “exchanges” often being treated as semi-unrecognized afterwards. Now, with the future of Logan and Waystar Royco in jeopardy, the pressure and the need for professionalism at the highest level of the company has only intensified. This development certainly doesn’t give the impression that Gerri and Roman’s “relationship” is in the cards.

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As much as Roman seems to want a relationship – or, at least, some type of affair – to exist between them, it’s a much healthier and less professionally insecure option to avoid such a connection. However, like many elements of the incredibly complex and thoughtful show, the way Succession Season 3, Episode 2 portrays Gerri and Roman’s relationship is emblematic of a larger trend among the characters. They exist in the ranks of a brutally cut-throat business world, and even their personal relationships with each other (albeit linked or, at least, seemingly linked by some sort of loyalty) are just as toxic, no. communicating and, each time. , everything about the games and the final stages before anything else.

Via Gerri, Roman runs half-heartedly after another unavailable woman with whom he does not need to get close. Gerri has some sort of mutual interest, but now that she’s locked in a temporary position of even more power, prefers to half-pretend to ignore the ongoing sexual tension between them. This, of course, is only the case until she wants something from Roman (to keep him loyal to Logan) towards the end of “Mass in Time of War”. When she knows she needs that from him, she manipulatively plays what he wants to hear from her: “We have something going on. “Of course, Gerri is referring to their professional alliance that they have set up within Succession season 3, episode 2, where they decided that Roman would have a “learningunder Gerri. However, the line is layered with a lot more meaning than that. It echoes a sentiment that the last two seasons of Succession have relentlessly driven home: When the characters need something from someone, they tell them whatever they want to hear – regardless of intentional stabbing or utter dishonesty. Everything is a kind of capitalist means, focused on profit / result.

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