What is the 69 sex position and how does it work?

If you’re looking for a quick way for you and your partner to enjoy oral sex, then 69 is the perfect position.

Named for its similarity in appearance to the number 69, each person is bent against each other, facing the genitals.


Try 69 with your partner if you have a tight schedule

Yeah, that’s also why people laugh and say “nice” if the number ever pops up in other situations – which could be pretty annoying once you hit that age, or for those born in 1969.

What is position 69?

The 69 is a position in which both partners will give and receive, which means it can be a great position if you only have a limited amount of time.

This position also has the advantage of being suitable for all genders.

To get into this position, one partner will lie on their back, the other partner will then climb up and turn around so they are straddling their partner’s head with their genitals above their face.

Both partners then lean forward and begin performing oral sex on each other.

Are there any risks with 69?

Assuming all participants are STD-free, there really isn’t too much risk associated with this position.

Although your knees and legs are so close to your partner’s head, be careful not to kick or knee them.

Are there variants of the 69?

Yes – if the classic 69 doesn’t quite do it for you, you can try different variations of this position.

The sloth 69

Instead of lying with one partner on top and one on the bottom in lazy 69, you’ll both be lying on your side facing each other’s genitals.

This version may actually be more comfortable than the classic 69, so if you’re not comfortable in first position, you can easily switch to this one.

The teasing 69

You can participate in teasing 69 while remaining in a classic or lazy position.

For this, rather than taking turns giving and receiving, bringing you closer to just the edge of orgasm before switching between giver and receiver.

Standing 69

Only for those who are very strong, the standing 69 is where a partner stands facing their partner, then picks them up and turns them over so they are upside down.

Threesome 69

The 69 but with an additional participant. All three will form a triangle and then move on to the classic 69 positions.

Person 1 performs the speaking on person 2, who performs the speaking on person 3, who performs the speaking on person 1.

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