What is the eagle sex position and how does it work?


THE EAGLE sex position has been considered the top choice for people living in London and now everyone seems to be talking about this bedroom change asking one important question – how did it come about?

What is the eagle’s sex position?


The eagle sex position is one of the nation’s favorites

The eagle sex position has become more and more popular in recent years and there isn’t just one way to do this bedroom move – there are at least five variations, so there’s a chance that you did this position without even knowing its name.

The spread eagle

The most well-known eagle position is the spread eagle. This is where a partner lies on their back with their legs apart or eagle spread.

It is said to be quite similar to missionary but with the person lying down having their legs wide and up in the air, rather than straight and flat on the bed.

The Exposed Eagle

For this variation, the penetrating partner should sit on a flat surface and spread their legs. The receiving partner then climbs on top.

From this position to enter the exposed eagle, the receiving partner will arch back and lie on their partner’s legs. For more stability, you can slide his legs on either side of your partner’s hips.

This variation is said to be better for stimulating the G-spot.

The soaring eagle

This variation takes a lot of stamina and is probably one that only the most flexible among us can pull off.

First, the receiving partner lies on their back and bends their legs as far as they can go – this may sound like a particularly difficult yoga position.

The penetrating partner will then bend over them, as if they are about to start doing push-ups.

This position can be done vaginally or anally, but you must make sure to start slowly.

The eagle soaring upside down

This is another variation of the above, with the partner on top facing the other direction.

The standing eagle

This is perhaps the most difficult variant of the eagle.

Usually done against a wall with both partners standing – one will then wrap one leg around the other.

Is the eagle position popular?

In order to find out the UK’s favorite sex positions, experts from OnBuy’s sex toys division surveyed customers in every city or town with a population of over 100,000.

The missionary came top (or should we say bottom?) in 11 cities, including Bournemouth, Exeter, Doncaster and Lincoln.

That said, DOUBLE that number of cities chose Eagle as their favorite sex position.

Not only did Londoners say The Eagle was their favourite, but 36% of people in the East of England also chose it.

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