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Billie and Brad make it very nice

Netflix’s hot latest show, Sex / Life, features a lot of sex and a whole mix of positions, but one of them has really caught the internet’s attention – the Coital Alignment Technique.

The post is first mentioned in episode five of the new series. The show is about a married housewife named Billie who, while having a seemingly perfect marriage, deeply dreams of her ex-boyfriend Brad, with whom she had incredible sex.

During the show, there are various flashback scenes to their sexual escapades, including intense positions, wild places, and a host of pleasures. One position that Billie and Brad try out is the coital alignment technique.

As Billie describes the missionary-like position as “when done right, it provides the ultimate connection – both physical and emotional.” But is this a real position and how do you do it?

What is the coital alignment technique or CAT?

The coital alignment technique is an alternation of the traditional missionary position and concerns clitoral stimulation. It is believed to have been created by sex researcher Edward Eichel who created it to help those who struggle to reach orgasm with simple vaginal penetration.

And Billie is right, the post is about improving connections at all levels. The goal of the job is to improve male and female “sexual compatibility” by aligning the two bodies together.

The position combines both vaginal and clitoral stimulation to “rock” the person on the buttocks.

Ok so how do you do the coital alignment technique?

This position is originally designed for penile-vaginal sex, but can be tried by two people with one vagina.

To do the position, one person lies on their back with their legs slightly apart. The other person then lies between their partner’s legs, like a normal missionary.

However, in order to achieve the CAT position, the upper partner must change their position so that they “go up high” and their chest is aligned with the shoulders of the lower person. The upper partner can then rest their weight on the lower partner thus reducing the space between the couple.

You can then start rocking slowly, this will allow slight vaginal penetration and the rubbing of the rod against the clitoris.

It is often recommended to use a pillow under the lower partner’s pelvis in order to tilt it higher.

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