What is the speed bump sex position and does it actually provide more intense orgasms?

WE GET IT, sometimes the idea of ​​sex sounds great, but after a long day, it can take a lot of effort.

This may be the ideal position for you if the thought of a vigorous lovemaking isn’t what you had in mind.


The Speed ​​Bump sex position is a simple version of the traditional “doggy style”

The Speed ​​Bump sex position is easy to master and promises intense pleasure without risking muscle strain or having to engage in intense training.

It’s the perfect option for lazy women, but how exactly do you do it?

Basically, it’s a simple version of doggy style and involves lying on your stomach with a pillow under your hips.

You can relax as your partner – who is kneeling – enters from behind while holding your hips for support.

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One of the benefits of this intimate move is that it allows couples to get closer to traditional doggy style, according to Metro.

Meanwhile, the focus on the woman’s G-spot from the positioning of the pillow also makes it easier to reach orgasm.

Your partner can either stay with their torso erect or lean over your back for more privacy.

Try playing with variations of this position if you want to mix it up even more.

One option is for the person on top to keep their legs between yours or place them on the outside side for a stable spread.

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