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“I had dreamed of becoming a porn star from the age of 15.” Our new Price of Vice series tells the story of Kira Queen and others Russian sex workers. Watch new episodes premieres every Thursday on RT Documentary!

Easy money and a luxurious lifestyle attract many young people into the sex industry. Gone are the days when prostitutes worked on street corners in the most basic neighborhoods. These days, sex workers proudly call themselves “models,” “masseuses” and “escorts,” and many have princess-like Instagram accounts. Society also seems to have become more tolerant.

While money is crucial for many sex workers, others are driven into the industry out of passion. These girls insist that their lives are good, embracing a career as an actress in adult films or offering their love to wealthy clients rather than wasting it on penniless peers or embracing a career as an actress. actress. However, many have to make sacrifices to reach the heights of success in the vice industry.

Queen kira was born in Dagestan – a Caucasus region in Russia governed by strict traditional morals and family values. There was apparently nothing in her lifestyle and upbringing that provided for a career as a porn actress. Nonetheless, her first exposure to porn as a teenager largely determined her fate.

Maria Vlasova via Unsplash

“We were still teenagers back then, but the action really seeped into my heart, my soul, and I wanted to participate,” says Kira.

Pierre Woodman, a French porn mogul living and filming in Hungary and current boss of Kira, says it’s quite common for girls to take an interest in the industry from a young age.

“I get emails almost every week from at least 2-3 underage people,” says Woodman. “[They write], ‘Oh, I know I’m 14, I dream of being in your movie someday … “

Of course, porn producers are unlikely to take the risk of hiring an underage girl, this pretty or willing to participate. Instead, they will wait for young people to grow up and show up for the hearing without breaking the law. This is how Kira and most of her fellow stars entered the industry.

“It’s easy to get into this industry for us girls from Russia and the post-Soviet space,” Kera said. “Because we’re bright, beautiful, and the fans and directors really love us.”

Kira Queen now Lives in Three cities To once. A suitcase, hotels, trips… a constant change of people and scenery. However, memories of his previous life – studying economics in Dagestan, seeking happiness in St. Petersburg – are all long gone. With Kira’s old life, the close to this life.

“It was a real disaster! I was snowboarding in the Austrian mountains and I opened Instagram and found I had over 20,000 comments on a single photo, saying, “We’re going to kill you! We will find you! We will cut you up! I rape you!

Kira’s family did not accept her new career path and turned their backs on the girl.

“They set my car on fire, spray painted my doors…”, remembers the young girl. “My neighbors called to ask ‘What’s going on? There are strange people looking for you. So I had to change my phone number and block all messengers.

“I went to the police in Russia and they said, ‘You are a porn actress! What were you waiting for ?! “

Kira was not prepared for such a reaction. She never expected that even those close to her would not accept her as she is and abandon her. She didn’t know it would hurt so bad.

“My siblings started calling with threats and insults. My mother took it very hard. I actually fell into depression. I was probably the most offended that it was easier for them to cut me than to defend and support me by saying, “This is our child! And that’s it! “

“I actually fell into depression.”

However, the personal drama of pornstars is not about those who run the industry. Everyone is free to choose their path, they say.

Today, Kira leads a lonely life. Old friends and family are far away. Making new friends is not easy and sometimes even dangerous. Their bridges are burnt. All they have to do is find the advantages they think they will benefit from in their profession.

However, the girls try to hold their heads up high. To find out how Kira and her friends in the industry are trying to stay afloat and fight their personal drama, watch our new documentary Price of Vice premiering this Thursday!

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