Where is Hollington Drive filmed? Is it a real road and what are the house prices?


Hollington Drive on ITV1 currently leaves viewers guessing who killed Alex Boyd – but we also want to know where is he filmed?

The four-part drama follows the inhabitants of a very luxurious street when one of them is found dead.

Despite the veneer of wealth and idyllic family harmony, there is a hotbed of secrets and lies.

But is Hollington Drive a real street, and if so, where is it?

Here’s everything you need to know!

Where is Hollington Drive filmed? The cast and crew filmed Hollington Drive in Wales (ITV1)

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Where is Hollington Drive filmed?

Viewers of Hollington Drive love the beautiful grounds that are the heart of the show.

Theresa and Helen live in an unnamed part of the UK, but the ITV series is actually filmed in Wales.

Several iconic locations have featured on the show, including Hang Fire Southern Kitchen, in Barry.

They also shot scenes in the nearby Sanatorium Park in Canton.

Other recent TV series in Wales include Sex Education, Hidden, Keeping Faith and The Pembrokeshire Murders.

Is it a real street?

Real life Hollington Drive is located a few miles from Cardiff.

The perfect suburban street is located in a subdivision in Cardiff called The Mill.

The estate includes large houses and a green environment, and was built just a few years ago.

The production team used the interior of several houses on the estate.

Some residents moved, while others stayed at home and were able to watch the filming.

Speaking about the location of the show, writer Sophie Petzal said, “I always had a very clear picture in my head of what this street would look like.

“I wanted something brilliant, without being too cartoonish or silly.

“I wanted it to juxtapose with the dark underbelly of history, with detached houses that looked genuinely beautiful and idyllic but not recognizable from a specific part of Britain like Manchester or Bristol.”

She continued, “He has white houses that look comfortable and ambitious.

“Overall, it sounds compelling and inviting, even if the subject matter is dark and a bit twisted.”

Hollington Drive
Who could live on a street like this? You could with the right cash flow! (Credit: ITV1)

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Where is Hollington Drive filmed? How much do the houses cost there?

The homes featured on Hollington Drive look quite expensive, but there is a range of homes on the estate that range from one bedroom to four bedrooms.

The developers describe The Mill as “a prime location with easy pedestrian and bus access to Cardiff city center”.

The community has easy access to parks, the Cardiff City football stadium, the Canton shopping district with its shops, pubs, restaurants, banks and more.

Prices start from £ 148,495 for a one bedroom apartment.

You can buy a two-bedroom apartment from £ 192,995 or a three-bedroom house from £ 294,995.

A four bedroom house starts at £ 319,995.

Hollington Drive Episode Three airs Wednesday, October 13, 2021 at 9 p.m. on ITV1. Episode one is available to watch on the ITV hub.

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