Who plays Lucia, the White Lotus season 2 character?


In a cast of real characters, Lucia, The White Lotus hustler with a heart of gold, is a standout.

Lucia and her aspiring singer BFF Mia (Beatrice Grannò) are two of the Sicilian inhabitants of The White Lotus season 2who use their youth and beauty to entice several wealthy hotel guests to invite them to stay at the luxury Italian hotel property, from Theo James‘ hole-dropping Cameron to Michael Imperioli’s divorced father, Dominic.

Lucia is one of the few Italians followed by the show, which mainly tells about a week in the life of very rich people, seriously self-sufficient vacationers played by actors like Aubrey Plaza, Adam DiMarco, Haley Lu Richardson and Jennifer Coolidge in the cast The White Lotus season 2.

But who plays Lucia? Let’s get to know the Italian actress behind the Season 2 newcomer.

Who plays Lucia, the character from season 2 of “White” Lotus?

Lucia in The White Lotus is played by Neapolitan actress Simona Tabasco. (Yes, that’s – awesome – her real last name and, yes, she has a chili pepper tattoo on her forearm. Perfect!)

Of his character, Tabasco said Cosmopolitan (opens in a new tab)“She’s a free spirit. For her, sex work is empowering. If I had to name one reason why she got into it, I’d say money. She loves money. It fuels her ambitions. I don’t think Lucia anticipated sex work would lead to so much self-actualization and personal growth, however. She is looking for something more.

“The main thing with her is that she has a lot of energy, and we see her as hungry for life, for things, to have them, to take them, almost to eat them. She wants to establish a connection with what she has around her, and it’s close to my personality. I want to go to the bottom of things, to authenticity, to feel them in their rawness”, declared the actress in an interview with Vulture (opens in a new tab). “Characters are, in general, a bit of a reflection of the actors who play them. You can study a lot and stray from who you are, but you can’t stray too far.”

Simona Tabasco Age: How Old Is She?

Simona Tabasco was born in Naples, Italy on April 5, 1994, which currently makes her 28 years old. She is Aries.

Simona Tabasco Instagram: what is her nickname?

You can find Simona Tabasco on Instagram at the handle @simonatabasco (opens in a new tab)where she has more than 176,000 subscribers.

Simona Tabasco and Beatrice Granno

Most Tabasco scenes as Lucia in The White Lotus season 2 are opposite Beatrice Grannò, who plays her best friend Mia. Ironically, the actresses didn’t have to fake their friendship, as they had known each other for a decade before being cast in the HBO hit.

“We met ten years ago in film school, when we were just starting to go down this path. Then she moved to London to study acting and I stayed in Rome. Four years ago years ago, we saw each other again on the set of a TV series that we shot together in Italy, and that’s where we became real friends. It’s the chemistry you see on screen,” said Tabasco told Vulture.

She continued: “When I got the white lotus audition, I didn’t know she also got a white lotus hearing. I called her to practice my self-recording, and we realized we were both trying out for this show. We were both saying ‘this can’t happen’, but we both got it!”

Films and television roles of Simona Tabasco

Whereas The White Lotus is her first foray into American television, Simona Tabasco is well known and prolific in her native Italy, having starred in television series like I bastard of Pizzofalcone, Luna Park, DOC – Nelle kills mani, È arrived la felicità and Fuoriclass. On the big screen, she’s featured in movies like 2020 Ties, 2018 Bob and Marys and 2016 I keep.

Find Simona Tabasco in the role of Lucia The White Lotus season 2, airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO and HBO Max.

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