Why is it so hot when men know how to drive Stick?


Let’s make one thing clear: I don’t know anything about cars. While I know how to make one work, I don’t even do it particularly well. What I’m proud of, however, is my ability to identify what makes a man sexy. Whether it’s tiny shorts, upside down baseball caps, or using vibrators during sex, I know the particular activities, styles, and abilities that can transform the most average man and woman. indescribable in a much desired handsome guy. And not to gloat, but I usually have the backing of other women who agree that these seemingly random qualities are actually itching to some extent.

Take last week, when I was explaining to an acquaintance the idea of ​​the story you are reading right now, why it’s so hot when a man knows how to drive a shift lever. She simply replied, Oh yeah it’s really hot.

The first time I felt like a man driving a stick could start my own engine was last summer. My partner and I were in his hometown for a wedding and our only transportation was his old manual transmission Subaru Forester. It’s been almost two years since we started dating and I never knew he could drive a stick (although I guess when you go out in New York City, conversations about driving rarely arise). But the realization that I was dating someone who could use a manual transmission, as well as the pretty view from the passenger side, sparked a real pull.

To begin with, I was impressed. Staff changes are being ditched and it’s rare these days that you find someone who has learned the skill.

“I think there’s something we like about the simple fact that a man went out of his way to learn this unnecessary skill,” Kayla kibbe, InisdeHook’s writer / resident expert on sex and relationships tells me after choosing her brain why me, and other women, might feel turned on by this.

“People are intrigued by anyone with a less common skill set,” adds Jonathan Klinger, vice president of public relations for Hagerty, an American lifestyle and automotive membership company and the world’s largest membership organization for car enthusiasts. “Driving a manual transmission fits perfectly into this category.”

To reiterate, manual transmissions are fading due to advancements in technology, and those who continue to drive do so out of sheer admiration for the dying driving style, Klinger explains.

“The popularity of the automatic transmission as a convenience feature dates back to the mid-1950s. The manual transmission held up for a long time because it performed better, was more fuel efficient, and was also a cheaper option than a manual transmission. . Due to technological innovation namely automatic dual clutch transmissions, this is no longer the case. The manual transmissions available in new cars today exist almost solely because of their appeal to driving enthusiasts, ”he told InsideHook.

“For an enthusiast, for a very long time, choosing the convenience of an automatic transmission was a compromise in terms of performance, efficiency and cost. Now enthusiasts who choose automatic enjoy performance, efficiency and, in most cases, at no additional cost. “

However, competence can also be a detriment. As Mel Magazine recently reported, some men are obsessed with the driving stick, to the point of developing a superiority complex over those who drive automatic transmissions.

“The love of the driver’s manual is extremely tied to the idea of ​​a ‘pure’ driving experience,” Kristen Lee, associate editor of The Drive told Mel earlier this month. “Cars without manual [transmissions] – and indeed, people who don’t or can’t drive manually – are looked down upon by those people who drive manually, as they are seen as lazy or illegitimate in their auto enthusiasm.

That’s an important distinction, and if you’re a manual driver, then heed this warning: don’t be a pompous asshole about it. For example, part of my own attraction to the driving style came from my partner’s nonchalant attitude towards him. As I fussed over his ability to lead the stick, he shrugged.

In addition, there is the fact that the act of driving a stick is blatantly sexual. You’re a little aggressively handling what is – let’s be honest – a phallic object. The ride is bumpy and the shifting adds a layer of unpredictability on the passenger side where, as the passenger, you feel comfortable for most of the ride. The entire experience is thrilling, titillating, but the driving stick also feels inherently masculine, which can add to its appeal – for both men and women.

“I think a certain type of man takes great pride in being able to do things manually, ‘the old fashioned way’, like chopping down a tree or fixing his own car, and men, in general, are encouraged, socially, to prioritize the physique on many levels, “Kibbe notes.” While driving a stick isn’t exactly a stunning display of physical strength, I think it probably sounds like a more important physical achievement for a man than driving an automatic transmission. – as if he was actually driving the car, rather than just for the ride. “

This is the reason why many manual fanatics cling to their sticks, Klinger adds.

“Manual transmissions are popular with many enthusiasts because of the visceral reward they provide. A perfectly timed downshift and executed before a turn is a badge of honor. It all comes down to the beauty of analog devices – consider playing a record instead of streaming a playlist. You are involved in every decision and control every outcome. Like a record player, the gearshift lever demands that you stay involved throughout the ride, ”he says.

And for women, a man physically operating a vehicle can conjure up equally ingrained notions of “manhood” and “sturdiness,” Kibbe explains.

“From a female perspective, I think we probably internalize some of that as well and tend to associate this more physical form of ‘driving’ with male strength as well. While this may not be a show of brute force, it is proof that a man has mastered a technical skill, which is probably enough to trigger our “oh, he’ll be a good supplier ”.

All of this doesn’t mean that driving an automatic transmission makes you “unmanly” in any way. As Klinger notes above, drivers who prefer the automatic now get superior performance and efficiency at no additional cost. There really is no reason, other than your love for the stick, that you chose to spend the money on a manual car over an automatic (contrary to what some avid shifters would say) . However, we can still appreciate the dark and sexy art of manual driving and the muscular men who know how to get by with a stick.

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