Why Men Suffer From Erectile Dysfunction, Low Sex Drive As They Age -Experts


Medical Experts say that men’s inability to have a satisfying sex life as they age is often due to low testosterone levels, damage to blood vessels and nerves in male organs.

Experts have noted that these challenges usually lead to lack of libido and erectile dysfunction.

According to them, diabetes, hypertension, obesity can also negatively affect men’s sexual performance.

Talk with PUNCH HealthWise, A consultant urologist at Lagos State Teaching Hospital, Ikeja, Dr Oluwaseun Akinola said erectile dysfunction is common in men over 50 but is hardly discussed due to the stigma.

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve or maintain a penile erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual intercourse.

Explaining, he said, “There are three things that could affect a man’s sexual performance and they are of equal importance. Number one is the hormone. The male hormone is testosterone which is responsible for the desire to have sex and maintain an erection.

“Second, we have the blood vessels in the male genitalia, along with the arteries and veins and you have the nerves that carry the signals and all of those things have to work perfectly for a man to have a good erection. But, if something affects them, it can affect a man’s sexual performance.

“Whenever you have a combination of diabetes and high blood sugar, they can affect the function of the nerves in the genital organ and this can lead to erection problems. If you have problems with blood vessels, this can lead to sexual performance problems.

The urologist also noted that obesity can affect sexual performance by damaging blood vessels and decreasing testosterone.

“Obesity is linked to poor sugar management in the body, what we call metabolic syndrome and can lead to diabetes which can affect the nerves.

“The important thing is for a man to see what can improve the functions of hormones, nerves, veins and help reduce obesity. The things that will make you healthier are generally good for sexual health. weight loss, exercise, good diet can help.Exercise reduces obesity which can also affect hormones.

“What happens in fat men is that testosterone produced by the body can be converted by fat cells into estrogen and this can affect erectile function, even the desire to have sex.

“When a man presents with this problem, you need to find out what’s causing the problem. Sometimes you can reverse it and if it’s treated early enough,” he said.

Speaking further, Dr. Akinola said age is a risk factor for erectile dysfunction in men; “As age increases, erectile dysfunction increases and several studies have confirmed this.”

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