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The end product is the result of two years of writing work in the breweries and cafes of Nanaimo.

It wasn’t until about halfway through that Dzierza decided to format the collection into a story with common themes throughout.

“It would seem incomplete if it weren’t for a story behind it, a beginning, a middle and an end. I felt like there must be a big sigh of relief at the end, so putting it in the form I did made this experience a possibility for the reader.

The book tells his story, through poetry, over the last ten years of Dzierza’s life.

Her title derives from a road trip to Tofino where she discovered that the mountains represented the ups and downs, the positives and negatives of her life experiences.

The messages contained in the book, combined with the very process of creation, were a form of therapy and comfort.

“So many other people are going through the same things as them because that’s what got me through some tough times and, in a way, it makes the job more meaningful if someone else can experience it. “

More information about the book or Dzierza is available on his social networks.

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