Your spouse may be suffering from a midlife crisis


One of the challenges that many couples who have been married for many years sometimes face in their marriage is the lack of awareness of an indicator called a midlife crisis which can occur in many marriages and can trigger depression in a spouse suffering from midlife. sickness. A midlife crisis can lead to separation and divorce when not recognized by a spouse or properly regulated.

A midlife crisis is a time of personal transition that occurs with feelings of insecurity, fear, and anxiety in middle-aged men and women, primarily married couples, due to marital expectations and self realisation. Maybe your spouse hasn’t been in a good mood for some time and you’ve lamented all the efforts you make to support him but to no avail, the midlife crisis may be responsible for the sudden changes. There are many signs you can watch out for that may be contributing to this condition.


In our society, men have a higher risk of experiencing a midlife crisis due to the pressure placed on them by their families and the pressure they put on themselves to conform to the social definition of the real man. . The midlife crisis is more common among married men between the ages of 45 and 65 and can occur as a result of changing situations such as the birth of a child, a career change, job loss, moving, family dynamics and health issues that can last. for several years leading to impulsive behavior.

gray age

The realities of aging and gray can also trigger a midlife crisis in a spouse, especially if they haven’t been able to do all the things they once enjoyed due to circumstances beyond their control, such as only difficult health problems. A lack of intimacy and low libido can occur, which can make your spouse unhappy and dissatisfied with their current situation, making them feel uncomfortable and demeaning.

Lack of achievement

The male ego is seen as a superior entity and one that commands respect from the opposite sex and the pressure to outdo other males in the same circle. Your spouse may feel inadequate among their peers. This can cause his midlife crisis, especially nowadays when older men are more interested in joining social and academic groups such as alumni and social groups to keep busy. The reality of knowing that it is too late to make the changes necessary to achieve his dreams of becoming financially responsible had he made better choices in life. A midlife crisis can be attributed to a man’s realization of his diminishing physical ability to fulfill and achieve his goals in life, which can lead to unhappiness and regret.


The feeling of grief when a man loses his wife in old age can trigger a midlife crisis in gray marriages later on, creating a feeling of sadness and emptiness as well. A man can also experience a midlife crisis when his elderly wife leaves home to spend time with her child(ren) overseas who may need support with a newborn or young family. This is a norm in many African cultures and can also impact the husband she leaves behind.

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